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FS: 89 240sx Coupe

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  • FS: 89 240sx Coupe

    Selling my project car. It's an 89' coupe with the KA24DE engine. It is not running, but I have everything installed needed to get it running. The only things it currently needs are
    -New belts(took out power steering and AC)
    -hooking up of the lower wiring harness(It is the DE harness)

    The engine and trans only have 80,000 miles on them. There are 4 point harness' installed and a welded diff. I also have an APEX i Rev/Speed meter in it, but it is not installed. There are front and rear strut tower bars. It also has an FC Turbo II fuel pumped installed in case you want to go KA-T. There is more stuff that comes with it.

    $1000 firm. Selling because I need space.

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      Originally posted by AE86_drift

      can i get pics please?


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        pics please


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          iam intrested in buying the car, but i need to know where u are located and i was wondering if you knew how much money it is for the belts and harness


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            I will work on getting some current pics of it. It's in my shop right now, but I lost the key and the site manager is gone for 2 weeks, so I will post the old pics. The car is gold, but the front end is primered black. The paint is in excellent condition.

            Also, the harness is already there, it just needs to be hooked up. You may need a new DE harness, as the old one is missing a connector, but it doesn't look like it is to anything important. The belts will run you about $20. The old excellerater cable is frayed, but I have a brand new one, it just needs to be installed. There is no fan on it, but I have an electic one, once again, just needs installation. Newer radiator. I have a set of R32 GT-R smoked tails for it, and would include them with the car if they do not sell by the sale of the vehicle.

            I am located in Green Bay, Wisconsin.


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              Test fitting the R32 tails

              Installing the new KA

              First day I owned the car

              How the car currently sits
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                No one interested??? Low milage engine and trans already installed. All of the work done on this car has been checked over by Karl Lindgren(Import Racer Magazine and builder of the Sky 7) so it's not thrown together. It requires an hour or two of work to get it running, and not much money, maybe $50. I just don't have time to fool around with it anymore. There is alot of money stuck into small parts. $1000 is a hell of a deal considering that I paid $600 for the shell and $300 for the drivetrane. I've got well over $1500 invested into the car.


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                  No one interested??? If the car doesn't sell by Feb., it looks like I have a new drift car for the 2006 season.

                  I have had a number of offer's just for the shell, but this car comes with the motor. I will under no conditions remove the motor. Also, I've had a few people ask if the motor is blown. No, the motor is 100% fine and was pulled in running condition. This is an insane deal. I paid $600 for the shell alone, and the motor and trans have only 80K miles. I have changed all of the fluids.


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                    I wish i had 1000 bucks i'll see if my friends will help me out
                    Ill let you know if i get it though it will be hard
                    it is a heck of a deal you got there
                    i'm going to guess the hood comes with it
                    if i sent you a money order
                    with a little extra could you put the belts and hood on it so it would be able to Drive it at least onto a trailer


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                      I don't mind throwing the hood back on, but I am not going to get the car running. If you want the car in running condition, I am going to want more than $1000.

                      I'm pretty sure I talked to you on AIM. My site manager should be back some time this week, so I can start boxing the extra stuff up. Otherwise, I could just start loading everything into the car.