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  • Various PARTS for sale

    Hey everyone!!

    I am posting my own parts and some of my friends parts. I need money and so do they. So please buy these parts and thanks ahead of time!!

    *****Parts for sale*****

    Apexi 1.5mm Metal Head Gasket (For an S13) = $130

    Stock OEM S14 Kouki Front Bumper and Rear bumper (Painted White Aspen) = $350

    TC Sportline S14 Rear Upper Control Arms, TC Sportline S14 Rear Toe Control Arms, and TC Sportline S14 Tension Rods = $250 firm

    TC Sportline Cooling Plate (used for a couple of months, for an S13) = $25

    Invida Full Catback Exhaust with Stainless Steel Piping (75mm and it is a straight pipe with no resonator.. with a silencer but it is really quite... for an S13) = $150

    Stock 350z Seats with airbags = $500

    OEM 350z Exhaust = $60

    OEM 350Z Hatch = $$ Make a serious offer

    Sparco Hood Pins (used) = $20

    A/C Hardware stuff = FREE

    Volvo Side Mount Intercooler with a 3 inch core) = FREE

    Mitsubishi Eclipse DSM Side Mount Intercooler (3 inch core) = FREE

    Mitsubishi Eclipse DSM OEM Radiator = FREE

    I guess that's all but check back for updates on other for sale parts. You can e-mail me at Thanks!

    Note: For all these parts, local pick-up is preferred but if I have to ship them out you will of course, have to pay extra. Sorry.

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    Are the TC Sportline S14 Rear Upper Control Arms still for sale?


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      i will take both intercoolers.


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        FCSslider88- The S14 upper control arms are still for sale. They are $95 with shipment.

        Spyderplayer- I e-mailed you back.
        Last edited by Amanda; 02-22-2006, 10:16 PM.


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          i would like the a/c hardware please,let me know how much it is for shipping to 48374,also what car is it for? lol.


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            also im very interested in that exhaustif its for a s13,thanks.


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              did you get my email about the hood pins and cooling plate?


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                new_to_drift- the exhaust is for an S13 however, I do not know how much shipping will cost to you're area code.

                VIPDrift- The cooling plate is for an S13, the hood pins are for any car. Sorry I read the e-mail and you said you had an S14.


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                  I am still interested. I sent you a PM.

                  Originally posted by Amanda
                  FCSslider88- The S14 upper control arms are still for sale. They are $95 with shipment.


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                    If you don't want to deal with shipping an entire exhaust, I have the cash money for you and live around the corner from you (torrance). I can pick up that invidia unit if you (and new_to_drift) don't mind, I know he showed intrest in it first. I sent you an email too.


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                      Hey on your boyfriends originall post he was selling a set of grenade rims.
                      i need those and i was wondering if they were still up for sale. thanks


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                        That head gasket brand new? 87mm x 1.5mm? Hit me back, PM here or my username @


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                          hey du ma i asked u about the cooling plate like 4 years ago. so whats up do you have it sell it to me.


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                            whats up with the GX-01 Grenades? still up for sale!?!?