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looking for: 280zx half cut or front clip

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  • looking for: 280zx half cut or front clip

    so last night this girl cut in front of me turning left (i was going straight and had the right of way) and i T-boned her and trashed the whole front end of my 82 280zx now im looking for front clips or the such in case i have the option of buying back my car from the insurance if anyone has one or knows where to get one please let me know....i dont need the motor or tranny, mine are in perfect working order....just need the body pannels cuz the crash smashed my head light bezel, front bumper, hood, and driver side if anyone knows anything please let me know...thank you for your time

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    Aww that sucks sorry to hear about the t-bone. I gotta 83 280ZX turbo 2+2 , cool that someone else on these forums got a s130, well as for your current problem, if its just body panels check here
    I would also try checking some Z forums like
    , , or . Hey if your interested im thinking of selling mine! Hope that helps.


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      thanks for the help man, i think it is just body pannels, the car still drives just fine....still pisses me off cause the cars been in the family since it rolled off ship from japan...(my mom ordered it special) technically its still hers, so i dont know whats gonna happen with it....anywho, thanks for the help

      btw how much are you selling yours for? im just curious...would you take trades? im trying to get rid of my sr swapped S13...only thing wrong with it is it has a blown i dunno lol just wondering


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        Try this guy. His name is david and he has a bunch of them.