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  • FT '81 Corolla TE72

    I have the coolest POS, beater race car. This car looks and runs like a little canyon racer the serious kids with no money would bring out back when the majority of the cars weren't sponsored by mommy's and daddy's paycheck. (I don't condone any sort of street racing, don't do it, it is bad for you and other people.) 3TC with dual Mikuni's. GC coilovers in the front. 13 in Dunlop Rims, tires still good. It has its share of rust, hence the POS, beater tag. All in all, I guess that could be fixed, but it'd be more fun to leave it and just drive the piss out of the car. I also have a electric fuel pump not installed. I MIGHT throw in an Innovate Wideband kit with the car if the trade is worth it. It is useful for tuning the carbs when the barrometric pressure or humidity changes too much. Older used fiberglass racing seat and 4-point harness. Spare pair of axles, spare 3rd member to be welded soon. Spare t-50 tranny. Misc spares oil pan, starter, etc...

    This car is not a POS beater crap car. I call it a POS beater race car because it looks pretty ghetto. It runs strong, starts quick and handles pretty good. It will pull the grade between Camarillo and Thousand Oaks at 80 no problem. It is a solid little car.

    When the carbs are tuned for the weather the car feels about like a stock SOHC 240 speed wise.

    I am looking for anything that is so stock it is boring, fwd ok, old, ok, cosmetic dmg, ok. It just needs to run strong and... possibly have a radio. Preferrably something I WON'T want to fix up or won't NEED to work on all the time. Something I don't have to nor will want to spend any money on parts building it up. I NEEEEEED to reserve that for my favorite car (my benz) and get it back up and going. Finding a straight up trade would be ideal, but ideal don't always happen. Located in Ventura/Oxnard So Cal.


    PICS, Car now has no stickers save for one "" right near one of the windshield wipers and stock corner lenses.

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    what years of car are u lookin for im in the 805, might have somthin u want


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      willing to trade plus cash with a sil-80 nissan here is the link:


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        The ignition just died last night on my way home. There was some shoddy wiring things going on that I was going to make the trade-ee aware of but wasn't gonna fix... now it'll all be fixed. Haha, and seriously, when the car is ready, I'll take anything. Just needs to be reliable and more commuter friendly, the more stock, the better.


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          Ok, she is back and running better than ever. The alternator is not charging right so I am picking up another today to put it in tonight. Sorted out a lot of wiring and cleaned things up.

          With all this work done and the new alternator, I'm going to expect a decent trade. Especially with all the spares.

          Car specs...

          3TC dual 40 mikunis w/trd manifold
          Some header
          GC/T3 coilovers in front
          Something lowered in the rear
          13" Dunlop rims, ok tires
          Innovate Wideband kit (I'd like to keep this, but for a good enough trade I'll let it go)

          Comes with (not installed or a spare)
          T-50 tranny
          Electric fuel pump
          Pair of axles
          Extra 3rd member (I may be able to weld this for you)
          3-puck sprung clutch (ceramic/metalic)
          Fiberglass bucket seat
          Oil pan (boought it because I thought mine was cracked... it wasn't)

          If someone has something worth trading and has a use for it I'll also throw in an SR20DET longblock that needs a home honing and new pistons.

          If interested, speak up, I'm looking for anything stock and reliable. Maybe a little modded but not much at all. I need something that someone like my MOTHER or GIRLFRIEND would let pass for a daily driver. HAHAHAHAHA, but I'm serious. Don't be afraid to offer up something if you want this car. Not looking to spend much money at all in this trade, so don't offer up daddy's porche or something.

          Email me at
          Yahoo IM database_ninja
          AOL IM driftasilvia


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            my friend has a 4 door civic, he wants to get rid of, he bought a used motor for it just needs to go, in has a radio and is completly stock needs miniumal body work,
            hit me up 816-9598 he is really serious so plz hit me up


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              motor's in the car dude let me know