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  • FOR SALE 3 FC's

    I have 3 FC's for sale.

    1rst up is a 1987 RX7 sport coupe(5-lug), red exterior,grey interior. Motor has low compression, and will not start, but it did crank...slowly...Body is in good shape overall. Some dings here and there, nothing major though. Some rusting starting on the sunroof, and a little tiny rot hole on the passenger door. I have many new parts, but its just sitting here.(I need to sell this car)I'm selling AS IS for $725 firm.

    2nd car up for sale is the motor donor. 1988 RX7 (4-lug) (???)Its not a GXL. The motor runs great though. Only 70,000+ miles on the motor. Good compression, tested 80psi both housings. It is flat black exterior, interior is fully gutted. Good transmission shifts nice and easy, new clutch, and short throw shifter. Selling AS IS for $475 firm.

    3rd car up is a 1987 RX7 sport coupe(also 5-lug) It is dark silver exterior, burgandy interior. It has NO MOTOR, but good donor parts for the red one. Everything is there except the motor,hood, and rear glass. It makes a very good parts car. I'm selling AS IS for $300 firm.

    OR Take all 3 for $1500 or best reasonable offer.

    I'm also interested in trading all 3 FC's for a 91'+ S13 coupe, or Fastback.

    email me at for pictures and trade offers.

    AIM: ShadowArtsFC3S thank you for your time.

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      Some pics

      Here are some pictures of the red car.
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        more pics

        Here are more pictures of Red FC,and some of the Dark silver one. I'll take some pictures of the flat black one tomorrow.
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          hey do u still have the cars ?

          i would like to know if u still have the cars please reply


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            I only have the dark silver one still for sale. asking $150 good parts car, or a major project car.


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              were u locaded i am intrested in the parts car let me know thanks


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                Oh no!!!
                All those FC's for a nissan as if the mazda's were worth less?!?!?

                Those FC's are worth more any day of the week.

                I'd turbo them all and sell them for at least $3500 each.

                Nothing can beat the sexy lines of the FC!!!!
                And the sports car that's already built in from factory in an FC, not like the Nissan that needs to be converted from stock into a sporty car. LOL.



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                  I know right!

                  yeah, thats true. Thats why I said screw the S13 idea. Now I'm looking for a TII FC! I found a couple around here, but I want one that starts up, runs, and drives. I haven't had any luck finding one of those yet. I might just buy one with or with out a running motor, and buy a J-spec motor from some place. Thats the plan at least. If you can believe it all these cars are already gone. I gave them away. I had them for sale for about a YEAR! haha. I didn't have time to fix them, or the money. So, I just gave them to a friend of mine that will probably fix them up. The red one was pretty nice except for it didn't run, and it has a lot of under body rust, but they are all gone. I'm waiting to get another FC though. This time TII, and I'll start from that. I'm definitely a big rotary fan, but sometimes I get pissed off at them, and then want a reliable car. I'll always end up getting an RX7 though.



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                    Originally posted by S13 dude View Post
                    were u locaded i am intrested in the parts car let me know thanks
                    I'm in Nashua, New Hampshire. I still have the car. Its yours for $50 bucks.



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                      We've got a 1988 TurboII(real not converted) for sale.
                      It's right hand drive.
                      It's legal and registered completly.
                      It's the daily driver.

                      I'm going to post an ad right now and some pix later today.

                      We're asking $8500 obo.


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                        Originally posted by NHDrifter View Post
                        I'm in Nashua, New Hampshire. I still have the car. Its yours for $50 bucks.


                        If you lived anywhere near me I'd pick this up.


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                          is the dark grey fc still for sale and how much work is needed to get it able to drive