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NTB: S13 SE Coupe-Need Replacement

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  • NTB: S13 SE Coupe-Need Replacement

    The tranny and engine failed in my 240SX and it has a lot of little issues that I'm tired of dealing with so its time that I find myself another S13 coupe. I know that I want a SE Coupe, with 5-spd., sunroof and all working options. No body damage (as in really messed up panels or mis-matched paint), cracked windows, etc. please. '91-'93's are perfered and will get my attention better. I need the car to be reliable to take me from school and work and back but still able to have fun with it on the weekends. I prefer an Aztec red SE Coupe but any color is fine (I least want white since the one I have is but won't turn it down). Clean title is a must. Somewhere in the 150k mileage is fine. Must smog. I'm not looking to pay the 'drifters' or 'F&F' tax, I know what these cars are worth, what common problems they have, and what to look for. I'm located in the Sacramento area but willing to go to the Bay Area if the car looks good and price is right. I know what I want so show me what you got for sale.

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    I have cash on on. I'm wither looking for a DE with 5-spd or a newer coupe/S14. Let me know what you got!