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1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S

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    Originally posted by FCSlider View Post
    Car looks nice man. How much are you looking to get for it?

    Never mind I just looked at your other thread, $8500 obo for those who are wondering. Would you consider a trade for a modded 240sx?
    Thanks for the compliment FCSlider (I use to own an FC myself). Unfortunately I'm letter her go because I don't have time to go to the track anymore, since I have a very busy life now. Giving me another project/track car would just kill me . ha ha.

    Basically i'm not considering any trades. and yes folks its 8500 or best offer.

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  • FCSlider
    Car looks nice man. How much are you looking to get for it?

    Never mind I just looked at your other thread, $8500 obo for those who are wondering. Would you consider a trade for a modded 240sx?
    Last edited by FCSlider; 10-16-2006, 03:38 PM.

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    Originally posted by sukimoto View Post
    wow looks real nice
    Thanks. I really love her. It's just really unfortunate that I have to let her go.

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  • sukimoto
    wow looks real nice

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    started a topic 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S

    1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S

    I am selling my Toyota Corolla GT-S. Iíve done extensive research on all the parts that has been put into this car, unfortunately through trial and error. So my lost is your gain. Iíll just let the picture speaks for themselves. At its current state, the body is set at primer. As far as exterior, it only needs the right paint.

    Please contact me via e-mail (
    I'm located in San Diego, Ca.

    Here are the specs; as you can see there are no ebay crap items.

    Aerodyne Industries tuned
    AE92 high comp head assembly (balanced, port and polished).
    AE101 bottom block (hot tanked)
    AE111 crank shaft
    Aerodyne custom made crank bearings
    Aerodyne customer made piston head
    HKS cam shaft (264 degree 8.1 lift both in & ex)
    Pepboys intake cone
    Apex - I Super AFC II
    Revolver Exhaust (old school)
    TRD headers
    FC3S (84-88 RX-7) oil cooler
    Greddy oil catch can
    AE92 flashed re-tuned ECU
    Koyo dual core radiator & cap

    Note: The engine is practically new; Aerodyne and I started from the ground up. The car is tune for my driving spec. With the fully tuned engine, the throttle response is insane and the pedal is practically a hair trigger. Add the light weight fly wheel and 5 puck clutch system, the launch from a stop is pretty tricky.

    Aerodyne 9kg light weight fly wheel
    Aerodyne 5 puck clutch system
    TRD Japan 2way LSD (zenki)
    Stock transmission and gear ratio
    New OEM clutch master cylinder

    TRD springs all around (8kg front / 6kg rear)
    Front: KYB SR short stroke
    Rear: KYB AGX 8way adjustable
    Meagan Racing Front and Rear strut tower bar
    Aerodyne Hatch bar
    TCS 4 link
    TCS traction bracket
    TCS lateral bar
    Techno Toy Tuning RCA (roll center adjuster)
    TEIN camber plate

    Goodridge stainless steel brake lines
    New OEM brake pads
    New OEM rotors
    New brake master cylinder
    New OEM e brake cable

    Gutted interior
    Tenzo Bucket seats
    Tenzo GT steering wheel
    Battery re-located (in the right rear for weight balance)
    SABELT 4 point harness

    Modiride J-Blood copy Rear, side skirt and front bumper
    Primer Prepped for paint.
    Trueno corner lights
    SSR Longchamp XR-4 (Front: 15X6.5 +15 Rear: 15X7 +18 offset 4x114.3 pitch) mint condition!

    The car is a trailer b!+ch. I built this car only for the purpose of track driving, however this is a street car. Iíve used various parts for my car and this is as good as it gets for my taste. I only do light tuning on the engine only because of the racing regulations. Iíve done most of my tuning in the chassis and suspension.

    Since I'm limited on posting the pic. Please click the link to see the rest of the pictures: