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1996 se 240sx/super advans. SOCAL/trade?

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  • 1996 se 240sx/super advans. SOCAL/trade?

    The story goes like this.

    1.had a g35/Total loss.
    2.waited for my check to come back since the insurance coverd it(obviously)
    3.picked up a autotrader just to play with my mind a Bit.
    4.went back and picked up the same autotrader again LOL(i dunno lost it)
    5.Still waiting for that check! from the insurance company.
    6.picked up another issue!! yay!. found a couple nice 240's.
    7.still waiting for my check =(...
    8.drove around dealers because i was thinkin to get another g35 lol.
    9.picked up same issue again of autotrader.called a couple pricey.
    10.CHECK CAME IN!!!!!!!! YAY!! $$$$$$$ my time to get a s13!!
    11.looked at alot of 240' pricey or to crappy looken.

    So here i am today.I picked up this s14.
    whats funny is that it was down the street from my front of Radioshack.had a sign on it "for sale"

    Either i was just to stupid that day/tired of looken/or close to my house.but i picked the s14 up the same day i was just to was 5 lug'd.clean paint.clean interior.Hell why not right?

    whole point of the story is i wanted a s13 from the start anyways.But SR powerd of course! Im back at that point where i want a sr20 240 (s13)

    but yeah!
    1996 se 240sx/automatic
    milage is 120-130k?
    power windows,sunroof,etc..all that good stuff.
    no problems what so ever.Runs so smooth its not even funny!
    stock no mods other then wheels.

    picked up some Super advans and slaped the suckers on!

    sorry didnt vacume.

    what makes my car,wait whats that word?....Oh ya.."jdm"

    and of course everytime you find a clean car.something..just something is always wrong..

    price quote to fix this 2-3 hundred bux.

    either way i know theres plenty of people interested in trading.
    let me know whatchu got/mods and pix to

    if interested in buying as-is.
    6k.Dont like my price?i could careless!!...Okay okay im not that rude.tell me what u got$.

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    email me -


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      how much without the rims?


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        yo hate to cut it to you but 6 k is kinda extreme since i got one just as clean with less miles and better rims and parts and a manual for 5600 ya,,,


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          good for you.

          it doesnt say for sale.
          and if they DO wanna give me that much,so be it.letum be my guest.obo

 the people interested.and to the people who emaild the trades.just not me.but keep um commin.