I have 6 rears (3 pairs) of stock 17X8 +33 350z rear rims for sale

No curb rash, great condition, does not come with TPS, but does come with center caps

$100 each rim, prefer to sell (all at once obviously, then 4, then pair, rather not sell one rim at a time)

currently have federal ss595 225/45/17 mounted on 4 of the rims with less than 500 miles, but they've been drifted on for half day, still have a lot of meat, so, tires $40 bucks each with purchase of rim, so $140 each,

other wise, pay for unmounting fee = $55 each tire

the other pair has stock potenzas 235/50/17 with barely any thread left, so that's free with the rim, I won't unmount them... (if I don't sell all rims at once, these will go last..)

prefer socal pickup


will post up pics later...