1990 Champange gold GXL Automatic with Turbo II drivetrain/5-speed swap
FC3S RX7 project car for sale.
I have removed the cracked windshield, maroon interior to swap for black or no interior.body complete.
I started to fill in all the chips and scratches for a paint job.
Have a black dash to go with it.
Has stock suspention and also have stock wheels for rollers.
4 piston brakes
S4 Turbo II LSD clutch type
S4 Turbo II half shafts
S5 Driveshaft
S5 Transmission
S5 Turbo II clutch flywheel and pressure plate.
S5 non turbo motor in good running condition.

Everything is installed and the car just needs,
Windshield,paint job,
Wiring hooked up on transmission,and a little on the engine.
Fluids(coolant-engine oil-trans oil-diff oil,Power steering fluid)

Asking $1800 OBO

I am willing to part it out so make an offer or request.

Sorry Arizona drinks and Alex don't come with the car
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