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FS: Shine Auto Aero for FC

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  • FS: Shine Auto Aero for FC

    Im selling the aero off my car, decided to go a different route. Its all from Shine Auto and its hybrid frp (cool flexible fiberglass). None of it has been painted. Heres a link to their ebay website, which has a lot more info on the product. Fitment on all this stuff is perfect!!!!

    I have for sale the Type-1 Front Half Bumper, Spec-R Rear Half Bumper, and the Spec-R Sidsteps (R-magic Replica). The sideskirts are not in the ebay store, but heres a link to them also

    The side skirts and rear half bumper are in perfect condition, the front bumper has a crack on the very bottom (cant even be seen when mounted) and its pictured below, it can easily be stitched up with zipties.

    I am also selling my S5 front and rear bumper with this, S5 bumpers are required for this kit. I will also include the rare oem fog lights. Everything is pictured below. Im selling everthing together for $650. The shine auto stuff is over $800 itself, and you will also get S5 front and rear bumpers and fog lights.

    Here it is...

    The sides are not on in the pic below

    A small part of the front bumper has been rivited due to some rash, but it looks cool lol

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    im interested if that is the price shipped.... I live in stockton, cali.... 95207


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      price is not shipped. ill do it for 750 shipped