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F/S JP: Type B Bee-R Rev Limiter

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  • F/S JP: Type B Bee-R Rev Limiter


    looking to sell my Type B Bee-R rev limiter since I have Power FC now.

    $120 will ship

    very simple to install

    If you locate your FSM it will go in just as easy. Of course if you have any questions should you buy it I can help you.

    Installation direction into my R33.
    Video inside also

    Payment method: PayPal :
    Contact Email: or PM

    Thank you


    This device NEVER blew up anything on my cars other than gaskets every few months or so after events. set it and let it do its job and you will have no issues. Play with it and suffer.

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    Ahhhh, welcome to the RB25 A'pexi Power FC club...a very small and exclusive club with many members waiting to get in every day.


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      hahah yea I actually had it installed since November time frame. Just needed some gas money hahah.. it sold inside of 2 hours.


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        The Bee*R is such a sick product. FLAMES FLAMES FLAMES


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          Man, i wish you would have sold this like last week. I would have bought it!!!!

          I'm broke now. Just bought tires and gotta get spacers for my rear wheels.

          GLWS. I want one of these bad..... My car has no limiter, therefore no banging on that *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored* shredding tire in second gear. Just constant rotary BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP.......


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            hahhah go to third bro gets even funner lol.

            sorry that I didnt update this... It sold 2 hours later after posting.


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              Ah, dirty thirds.

              Well that's cool. I had the money yesterday (waiting on paypal check b/c my bank is taking forever to clear through them).

              I'm kinda glad you sold it. It would have pushed me back from "finishing" my car. I need to drive, not buy more parts.


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                Has this been sold yet?


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                  What the fail, I didn't see that it was sold. My bad.