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drift truck for sale (j/k) 89 chevy silverado in oregon

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  • drift truck for sale (j/k) 89 chevy silverado in oregon

    I know it's not a honda, but....

    I really don't need a truck anymore, so I'm looking to get rid of mine.

    Truck is an 89 Chevy Silverado 2500 3/4 ton. Has a 350ci with DPFI. Has automatic (turbo 350)

    Interior is in pretty good condition, exterior is straight, but paint is peeling on hood (no rust though)

    Truck has 169k on odo, but doesn't run like it does. Truck runs awesome. Uses coolant, pretty sure it just needs headgaskets.

    KBB values it at 3k not running needing a new engine. MY TRUCK DOES NOT NEED A NEW ENGINE, IT RUNS GREAT JUST USES COOLANT.

    Considering any and all trades, but looking mostly for a Honda.

    Asking $3,500 obo.

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    Tradin a chevy for a honda. That ain't right


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      Lol, I said I was considering any and all trades

      I just feel funny driving anything else other than a Honda. I'm a ricer at heart lol


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        Time for pics:


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            so why is it a drift truck??? did you stick the JDM gum to the side.


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              It's a drift truck because you can get mad sideways with it in the mud :P


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                Ill trade you the truck for my s2000

                nah im just kidding. Woulnt that be awesome though if someone sugested it? the driftable honda worth 20-30 grand for the old pick up.


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                  Hell yeah it'd be nice but I doubt it's gonna happen


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                    haha well be positive about it.


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                      I'm tryin to be positive about it. I wish I had money now, but I know that's not gonna happen so I'm just busting my *Censored**Censored**Censored* to sell this or my Neon.


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                        Originally posted by skud_dusty
                        i was like "who dat" and he was like "i be dat"

                        then i yelled thug life and emptied a clip.
                        lol i lauged at ur sig...i love it dude


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                          Originally posted by markeese180sx
                          lol i lauged at ur sig...i love it dude
                          Heh, I just made it up when I first got on here :P

                          Somebody buy my truck so I can buy what I want!!!!!


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                            I don't know how mechanically inclined you are or if you have any good honest shops around, but if it was me I'd keep the truck and fix it. With the winters you have up there a 4x4 will get you around alot better than a Honda with low-profile performance tires. Plus truck prices are through the roof these days. You won't find anything with under 100K miles for less than 10 grand. And it sound like you could fix your truck for much less than that. I know you want a hotrod but sometimes you just have to put those things on the back burner until you can afford to do other wise.


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                              I don't need the truck anymore...I never really did.

                              I traded a 73 240z for it. The winter's here are no problem.

                              I just want to get my truck sold so I can get what I want. I've never used a 4wd vehicle in the winter, and this last winter was one of the worst we've had in like 20 years.

                              Thanks for the advice though