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Dirt Cheap JDM Motors: SR20DET $725

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  • Dirt Cheap JDM Motors: SR20DET $725

    Sorry, I couldn't find the Bulk Buy forum so I posted here!

    Complete Kustoms ( is doing a large group purchase on JDM Motors. To kill all the skepticism that I know is arising, the reason the motors are so cheap is because I am importing them directly from Japan. No US Domestic middleman here. Please go to the above website to read up on the details, or feel free to call 443-956-5386 anytime and get all the details. Any message will be returned asap. Price breakdowns are as follows:

    SR20DET Blacktop Clip (S14 Motor, in S14 chassis)- $2950
    SR20DET Blacktop- $925
    SR20DET Redtop- $725
    Add $175 for ECU
    Includes motor, tranny, and all accesories attached to motor.

    These will be in a warehouse in Maryland, right outside Baltimore near BWI Airport. Anyone can pick these up locally and avoid any shipping charge at all. Also being sold are the following motors:

    B16A $1000
    KLZE $700
    13B-T Rotary $700

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    are these prices stable? or in time are they going to rise?


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      I would expect them to rise over time slightly. However I intend to ALWAYS stay far below mrkt price. This buy is running through the end of August, however it will close once all order quantities have been met.


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        ok I've been looking for an SR20 motor for months. is this seriously legit? Because the prices are unbelievably low on these motors. Your saying they come with all of the parts and the paperwork for these motors? The price includes the motor, tranny, turbo, etc. all of the parts that would normally come with it if I went to any other site that costs like $1500? wheres your profit coming from? thats why I'm skeptical about the whole thing, because if this is for real, then my name is on that list the second I get the money.


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          Yes this is serisously legit. And yes the prices are unbelievably low. As I said, there is no domestic middleman. I am importing these directly and thus cutting down on a lot of outside costs. Also, it is my goal to stay well under mrkt price for everything I sell.

          The motors come with motor, tranny, turbo, manifolds, ignitor, and accesories attached to block. I am working out a deal right now with a separate company to get the wiring harness' and I will post that price Monday when I get it all together. Same goes for shipping. Local customers can pickup in Baltomore MD, but shipping quotes can be given on Monday.

          Give me a call if you still need more details.


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            this is one hell of a deal, but whats the mileage on the engines generally, I don't want to buy an SR with more miles than my stock motor.


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              The motors are between 30-45k. Same as most JDM motors, you will not end up with a high mileage motor from this buy.


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                So you found a way to ship engines from japan to baltimore cheaper then most guys ship them to los angeles?

                Im skeptical man get us some pictures of your motors and stuff and it may change my mind. Im tired of hearing people with these "great deals" on motors, yet they cant even take a picture and scan it.


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                  The reason these motors are cheap is not because I found some magical way of shipping them at a low cost. They are cheap because I am just simply not making a huge sum of money off these. Most retailers mark up the engine cost a lot and make a large amount on each motor. Basically marking up their prices to meet the mrkt value. Sure these motors could sell for $1600, but they can move faster at half that price.

                  Like I said, the only downside to this, is that the shipping will take longer since it coming directly from overseas. Nonetheless, I am working on getting pictures.

                  I am not surprised by the skeptism, in fact I expected it. All I can say is to give me a call and talk about it with me directly if you still feel shaky on it.


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                    How would you ship the motor if we don't pick them up?
                    Do you have connections with a shipper or would I have to find someone?


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                      Originally posted by EvilPenciler
                      How would you ship the motor if we don't pick them up?
                      Do you have connections with a shipper or would I have to find someone?
                      No of course not. I am working out an account to lower my frieght shipping cost. I will have more info on shipping on Monday. I am trying to go through FedEX Freight, simply because they are a large company and can back their shipments.


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                        i have a few questions:

                        does it come with a working wiring harness?

                        also are they guarenteed to start up?

                        100% working order?

                        Includes motor, tranny, and all accesories attached to motor.
                        does this mean we have the possibility of having modified


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                          Yes all motors are gauranteed startup.

                          None come with wiring harness, but I am in the process of sourcing them separately with a different company and will let everyone know Monday what the cost for the harness' will be.

                          Yes there is the possibility of having a modified engine, but I would not expect it. It is definitely a possibility, but please do not order expecting to have a engine packed with aftermarket goods. If your engine were to have aftermarket accesories on it then it would just be luck.


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                              Well sorry guys I can't get ahold of the harness through this deal. I will have to use front clips for that. I did however source them for $300 a piece here. I'm sure most of you know of this place already but I gave the link anyway. They have the harness for the S13 and S14 both for $300.

                              Since I am trying to end this buy ASAP and get the orders processed, I will be posting these on ebay as well in hopes to speed up the purchases.