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Who knows there AE86s

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  • Who knows there AE86s

    Alright i found a rear end from a corolla for my amigo but i need a 5on4&1/2 regular toy lug pattern. Any of you haci- roku fans know if i can find a 5 lug conversion like they make for the sil80's. Or do i have to find a machine shop thatll drill a new axel pattern. I also need a disc conversion too. Got any places that sell these items ive seen them done like this on my option videos.

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    You gotta make the pattern. It's not like the nissans. Just look at the end of the axle the studs go right through it.
    I would make a plate but that's just me. Or why not just use 4 lug wheels?

    Oh btw, Why would you put the open diff drum rear in any car. They totally suck! I caould understand if it was the 86-87 LSD rear. Why are you doing this?


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      Look its going to be modified wit an LSD and new bearings and i want disc for it didnt you read my message? I need it cause its shorter than the one thats on it and i need the space for the 9 inch OZ 2pieces im running.


      • #4 is the place to go to get a nice 5 lug conversion for your Corolla. They've got a grip of other parts for the Corolla as well.


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          thanks man !


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            Hey Star Shark, Welcome back guy.... i didnt see you on here for awhile... what color did you use for your AE86...??


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              color? what are you talking about?


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                Yeah, what are you talking about?