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    I remeber looking on here a while ago and everyone was all "uhh its stupid that the d1gp judges make you drift to a certain line, well and you guys were fully off on that. Its a good line which is the basis of a good drift. Think about it the line they set at irwindale wasnt a line to restrict the way they drifted it was a line that made the best use of the track and made the drift as good as what it is. The line was probably enforced to the competitors for thier points because i suppose some drivers probably not the japanese drivers might not have used a good line like the one they set and also the line was an exhibit of the drivers control i mean the top drifters of the day could accuratley swing thier tail with presiscion millimeters from th wall and then the same accuracy on the wall inside.

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    I agree.

    The line you take while drifting is important. In fact, the line you follow should be on purpose. It shouldn't be I'll just throw out my car rear end and wherever my car goes is where it goes. Following a planned line shows understanding of the car and the ability to control the car.

    I haven't looked into the whole judging thing or drifting competition as drifting to me is just more of a hobby, a natural progression of my driving ability, not for sport. I can't really comment specifically on Irwindale or what happened there.

    However, from what I've personally done and how I have shaped my own idea of drifting and what good drifting is, the line or the ability to follow a line is of the utmost importance. Many people can slide a car or throw the rear end out and drift to some extent, but few have the true ability to control and modify their car during a drift. One should be able to progress to the point where they can essentially drive the car as they would if they were grip driving or driving to work. You should be able to turn, accelerate, and slow down while in mid-drift. You should be able to slow down and tighten your turn or speed up and widen your turn. You should even be able to speed up or slow down maintaining the same turn radius or adjust your turn radius at a constant speed...all to the extent capable by the laws of physics and the car's physical limitations. In my mind, the ability to do the above things while drifting is the ultimate achievement. The ability to control the car as if we were driving normally should be the gold ring we all should be reaching for.

    To me, drifting isn't show, it's purpose. There's no who made the most tire smoke, who had the highest angle, who held their drift the longest, etc... but rather who drifted the most accurately and appropriately for the given corner. Yes, even in this there is time for tire smoke and l . . . o . . . n . . . g drifts, but when you go around that corner, the path taken better specific, deliberate, and controlled. If you have the choice, pick what you want. If the judges had the choice of your line, I guess you follow it the best you can. If the control is there, there is no issue.

    --- my 2 cents anyways ---


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      i agree with u gent's %110, if lines didnt matter, might as well have no course, with no boundaries, just a big *Censored**Censored**Censored* parking lot with drifters going everywhere, how fun will that be to watch/drive then? and any feedback is appreciated =P


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        Exactly when you actually think about it a line is making the drift better it exhibits your talent better its not just some garbage rules out to kill your style it adds to it im glad people get what i was going on about it puts my mind to ease knowing that drifting isnt taking over my mind so much that i lose rational thaught- i suspect im somwhere close to that though


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          IMO the best line is a racing line with a perfect apex. I dont know which thread you're talking about, but I personally think its good that they base the judging off the line people take. The only thing I dont agree with is when people re-grip and take the inside, then kick it out again and disrupt the other persons line by cutting them off. Then they somehow get scored higher by the judges. Thats weaksauce.


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            Ill jump on the bandwagon

            I find the line to be very important when it comes to drifting, ill go a step further and agree with CrazyHawaiian on what type of line it should be.

            Drifting is about control at the limit, what better way to show how much control over the car your driving then to accuratley take a proper line?

            Bad Control, Bad line. Simple as that.