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How much did it cost to build your car?

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    When all is said/done, about $11,000 including the car. A good chunk of that money was spend fixing rather than modding though, hard to find a used car that's been taken care of...

    Apologies for the water spots -- it was foggy/misting




    235/40/17 Michelin Pilot Sports on 17X8" MKIV tt wheels up front
    205/60/15 Yokohama AVS AV1-60s on 15X7" Ford Mustang steelies in the back

    HKS hipermax II's on all 4 corners (springs = way too soft, strongly discourage this for serious use) -- JIC 18kg/10kg linear springs coming soon

    Ebay Front Strut Bar

    Goodridge SS brake lines, Motul Fluid, stock pads/rotors


    stock 3.9 LSD, stock R154, stock clutch

    Intake/exhaust, slightly upgraded turbo, HKS bov, profec A, fluidyne and MHG/arp bolts etc -- ~300-350hp at 10-14psi (depending on the mood).

    Weight Reduction:

    home-made fiberglass hood, and 90% gutted car with corbeau racing seat, no AC, no cruise, no radio etc. It last tipped the scales at 3050lbs, but that was before the 5spd swap and coilovers -- shooting for 2950lbs once I cut out some of this extra wiring and clean up a few more loose ends

    85,000 miles on the chassis; <15,000 on the engine/turbo and most mods


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      Originally posted by GoukiS14
      oh to reply to the older posts.... some shops are able to get the Neovas..... I don't think emission has been looking at this post....
      I'm in about under 4 to get my FD running so I spent about 6000 to get a running FD =) w/ a clean title (supposedly)
      Oh sorry about the long reply, Some shops down here can get them like JDM pro. Or you can do it the easy way and have a friend call his mom in japan to send some AD07 Néovas over. I'd like to get some A038R. I hope this clears everything up "EO?"

      these tires are awesome great for touge. they will never see drifting.
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        my car

        1990 240sx--300 dollars . For 300 bucks you get a shelll -blown engine blown suspension , tore up interior and dents galore. I have put about 7 large into it just to get it to run and go down the road (well technically it will be a few more weeks til it is up and running-need a few parts yet and it keeps snowing hereG). a body kit, paint and wheels is about 3000 more. i also do all the work myself. What i cannot do I have a lot of friends and they all have there own talents (paint, wiring, body, etc) . this saves huge amounts of cash 7gs is basically full suspension (coilover, hard mounts, bushings, sway bars etc) motor sr20 and all the normal bolt ons (intake exhaust, downpipe etc). and interior two seats (500 dollars - sparco sprint) clutch-500 lsd-800. I also had to part out my other car I worked on for about 4 years to help pay for it. my old pos FWD american car can be found at hopefully the 240 will be well worth throwing away my old project--what am I talking about of course it will i mean it is RWD-any car that is RWD or AWD is worth 3 FWDs. My opinion anyway--


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          my fc was bought for 650$ not running. I got it running with the original engine. waiting till it blows so i can get a 13BT. With all the mods i'd say maybe 1100$

          With Genuine TRUST and Tanabe Stuffs.

          and yea, i drift the crapolla outta it.


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            i have over 8 grand in my car at least

            fully caged ready to drift. ready to tandem
            i dont have a legit set of rims or a legit paint job

            i did the cage and all the work myself so i can only imagine what it would of cost if some else did the cage and what not.


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              Wow this is an old thread.

              My current car? $600. Factory acid with a straight diet.