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D1 Drivers Search - June 15

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  • D1 Drivers Search - June 15

    Who is going??!?

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    but of course,

    ME!!! definatly.. i cant miss this event for anything...

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      that soarer is in my super street sick car


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        i wish

        dude even i wish your car looked like that lol!
        well i am goin to the d1 event with josh cant wait! ! ! !


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          can i come


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            D1GP USA

            I will be there all day for sure, going both as official media coverage, but also as a vendor that day. i will have a booth there and such. if you are from this site and want to purchase dvd's at the event, let me know you are from here and i will give you a price break. gotta support the hard core fans however i can.

            many more besides koguchi will be there, orido, keiichi, nomuken, akira i think, and a ton more from the actual D1 circuit in japan. this event is considered an ikaten and will be judged accordingly by keiichi. Alex Pfeifer, Andy Yen, Brian Norris, Ernie, and a couple more of the top cumpeitors here will be driving at this event. PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE AMERICAN DRIVERS. they are making this scene happen!!! these drivers are also representing optionboyONLINE and there will be official interviews, video sessions, and shoots on these drivers, their cars, and their history. i believe the top 2 or 3 drivers are receiving official D1 licenses that will allow them to compete in the real deal D1 series that will be taking place again here in august i believe. Will these select drivers be able to compete in japan and become part of the tour?!!??!! i hope so, we will see though.

            the event itself is being run OFFICIALY by D1 JAPAN in conjunction with D1 USA - SLIPSTREAM. ZERO video cameras will be allowed at the event. only video media being shot on track or anywhere according to D1 USA will be done by option video japan strictly. only media coverage allowed by official affiliates will be photo. so, optionboyONLINE is now an official media supporter of D1GP USA and will be tearing off photos like it isn't even funny. the big site will hopefully be up by then, we will see. more to come, stay tuned, will post details on this event as i receive them. long live drift!



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              I'll be there too. I'm competition. So excited... Can't wait.

              Oh, latest info through the grapevine:

              Atleast 4 racing/driving instructors from two different driving schools have entered the competition. Then theres another guy that does stunt driving instructing.

              The competition will be nuts if these guys can really drift.


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                very cool

                stoked to hear it. have you been competiting in the other events as well? i would love to talk at ya some more and get some info on what you are doing. toss me an email if u can. =D glad to hear you entered.


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                  I'm the guy with the white S14 from Arizona. Competed in the Falken event, but didn't sign up in time for the RSR event. Was there at DD5 on both days as well.


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                    i wish i had my car done to enter... that would be sick... oh, option boy, since you'll have a booth there... u think you'll hook it up with a discount on some stuff? hehe, ill be at tha event... latez... josh


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                      i was at the dday5 event all day sunday. i had the booth with all the video stuff and the endless gear there. i was running around all day with the vid cam and actually got 2 hrs of footage to edit from the event. i have a lot of really good vid of your car in action. tons of pics too. my friend was admiring your car. so, ya, got lotsa stuff from it. look forward to seeing you at the event!



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                        oh, btw, did your car have a cali plate on the front? trying to find your photos to post real quick. or are you the one with black rims and no plate on the front?


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                          found some pics of u

                          here are some pics of ur car i found. just a couple qucik ones...

                          i would toss some vid i got of u on there, but i don't have time to edit now. when the site comes out u will see more

                          hope this is you, i think it is. lol. late!



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                            Yes, it is! Awesome. I didn't think there be much pictures of my car. I've been searching out for them so I can see how well I was doing to help work on my driving.



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                              those are just quick snaps. there are more including sequence photo shots of your drifts i can make into animated things. lots of stuff, just no time. i have been up since 8am workin on stuff, and still not asleep. lol. time for sleep soon i think. hope u like the quick picks, enjoy. night