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How to drift an automatic

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  • How to drift an automatic

    Hello everyone,
    I am new on this forum and I live in Switzerland :-)

    I used to own a wrx and now I have a 95 TT Supra with automatic trans.
    Here in europe we are not really used to automatic so I am afraid to wreck it.
    Could someone explain me how to drift it ?
    Would be very nice.

    Happy Boost

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    do yourself a favor and don't. Get a manual and do it right.


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      If I could find one I would have buy it.
      I know how to drift a FF, a RWD and a 4WD. Switzerland is the paradise for drifting. 60% of the road are montain road which are often close in Winter :-)
      I have to recognize I have no experience with automatic at all.



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        i just happen to get a auto 240 a while back... first thing to practice is donuts in low gear... mainly 1st or 2nd.... see how the car slides... but you have to know what kind of differential you have... open diff's tend to do better on left hand turn slides..... next try power over.... come into the corner ..jerk the wheel and floor it.... theres also feint drift which i wont go into explaining but i wouldnt recommend doing it in a car you just got.... never use the e brake.... its soo bad on the tranny i dont like it at all....


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          sup supraman::

          DO IT! Go drift your auto-Supra.. u can drift it just as well as u can with a 5-spd~

          if "nightwalker" says not to then don't; obviously he seems to know alllll about drifting and contradicting himself in a thread he posted just before this one called::
          "Hurry! go out and buy yourself a CIVIC!!! "


          "looks like you guys don't have to sell your civic to be part of the cool crowd anymore.

          I'm going to sell my 240 and get me one of those!!!!"

          bwahahaha dood, if drifting is being done in FF cars then I know for a fact it can be done just as good in a FR auto tranny vehicle too... so keep your auto-Supra
          this video clip is me in my auto-240Silvia; a taste of what it takes- feinting method (aka scandanavian flick) skills~ enjoy.

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            oh dam lol cop at the end. DId you get a ticket/citation or anything like that? Or did you give him you were practicing how to gain control of your car when it might lose traction and is bout to spin out? lol


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              Thanks a lot guys for all your advice :-)

              Scandinavian flick is the method I used to do on montain road with the wrx or e-brake as well, I am happy that I can do this with an auto.
              You can drift f***** bikes so why would it be impossible with an auto, no?

              See you


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                you know the comment about buying the CIVIC was sarcasm right?

                (sigh) yes, it's hard to convey it on the internet.

                oh well, carry on.


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                  Howdy R,
                  I dont come to this forum often, just once a month maybe and of course this thread intrigued me and found you showing off your auto drift .
                  Cop in the end couldnt do anything, because we were drifting at private property, all he could do was sit there and watch.
                  Supraman, keep your supra and keep trying.


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                    How to Drift an Automatic:

                    - Feint drift... do a weight transition... and give it some throttle

                    - Power Over.... turn hard... floor it... or give it alot of gas.. have fun

                    - E-Brake.... turn the car... wait for the car to actually turn.. and pull up the Ebrake until the back end slides out.. and give it throttle.

                    There is noting wrong with the E-Brake in an Automatic car. With a manual transmission.. you put in the CLUTCH disengaging the transmission from the ENGINE.

                    However, with an automatic transmission, the transmission is always disengaged from the engine and is never directly connected. Rather the torque converter allows the movement of the engine to transfer to the transmission.

                    When you pull up on the eBrake on an automatic transmission... your torque converter simply is still in use like it always is and doesn't put any strain on the engine.. except for the ability to push the driveshaft from the differential due to the pressure of the tires going sideways.

                    Puts your engine in a little bit more work.. but still works.. and doesn't damage it. It will however damage it over time... but hell... everything damages something over time. The wear is much less than an standard transmission.. due to the engagements from the clutch.. when you slam the throttle down and dump the clutch.

                    How do I know this? I have been drifting my Automatic 280Z now for over a year.


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                      how to drift an automatic?

                      hi there...

                      I own an rx7 FD and an automatic Honda City 2005. Somehow I can now manage to handle and drift the FD using clutch kick and i still want to improve using other drift skills.

                      One time I had this conversation w my cousin about driftin' and bragged that it is possible to drift an automatic. (I know its possible) He knew that i can drift the FD but now he's daring me to prove my statement. that's why i'm trying to drift the auto. But i can't seem to get it. Hope you could help me guys... Thanks!

                      I really want to know how to drift an automatic...


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                        use them brakes.. anything is possible


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                          See what you do is ummmm, make it a manual and get serious!
                          That way on the history of the vehicle it will always be an automatic...Therefore you drifted an automatic

                          Of course you can slide anything around but I mean NOBODY is going to take you seriously with an automatic


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                            E-brake, then counter, there's really not that big of a difference between auto and manual, especially with a tiptronic trans. Your just missing a pedal, thats all. People tend to forget that a car is a car, regardless of what trans it has, and all cars drift. I drove an auto 350z for a couple of laps a few years ago and people said I looked better in it than in my (at the time)stock 350z, the jerks. The auto car did have quite a few more mods than my car at the time, it was great. But all cars are different, so you must learn what works. So you can't clutch kick, that sucks but your gonna half to deal with it. You can try putting it into neutral for a moment and then slamming it into drive, that actually worked once today. Not relying on clutch kicks will help you in the long run because you will have to maintain more speed, take better lines and give more throttle than a car than can rely on a clutch kick to save it from straighting out.....unless you have decent power, which I don't have in my auto KA s14, viscous diff with 18's(245/45) and coils, but it can still make it around the loop at the balcony.....barely, I need power, or more rain, snow is good too.


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                              drifting an AT

                              Thanks to the advice... esp. the one you gave "shmately350z." That's way too cool. I almost gave up on drifting AT's. Well i better try ur advice about "putting it into neutral for a moment and then slamming it into drive" i think that would work. Still i'll be more serious with my FD. I think MT still rules.

                              By the way will i encounter losing tire grip easily with the AT's front tires? Are there any easy techniques on preserving my tires both in AT nd MT? well i'm still in my basics.. hope to hear and learn more from you guys... thanks!