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  • Best Drift Tires?

    Post your opinions on this thread.

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    Love my Nexens. People have weird opinion about them, but the more I learn and watch, most of the problems people have are from poor car setup. I really want to get my hands on the n9000 and see how awesome they run.

    n3000 smoke, and have good grip and last a good bit of time for being the lower tier performance from Nexen. n9000 should have more grip for sure, and therefore, smoke more. but last less time.

    nexen smoke @ 0:14 >>


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      which tires have you previously used?


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        coopers for 2006-8, federals in 2007 for a few events, and I ran Falkens a few events back in 2006.

        Back in 04 I had Toyos on my car (sohc n/a) but only the front- I couldnt spin the rears at all without junkyard/dumpster tires.
        Then with a stock SR I ran Cooper 2XS but actually liked the ZPT better. The Federal 595s were sweet, but not available in my area much. The Falkens were not the top tier either.

        Then in 2009 I started running Nexens on the SR, since went LS1, and since that upgraded the LS1.

        I am sure all the 'well known drift tires' are good, but when Mohan is throwing down multiple top 5 or better qualifying scores in FD, and recently finishing in 5th at Long Beach, and from what I know- he is running the N3000s. Must mean Nexen (and Kyle) is doing something right.


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          I wont say anything about the tires I dont like or had bad experiance with.

          Never tried: Nitto, Maxxis,Kenda, Falken

          Dunlop star specs are good
          Federal Rs-R are good (great for the price)

          Ran a full year on Toyo R1-R fell in love didn't think anything would top them for drift.

          I was wrong Hankook R-s3 are the $h!t!!!! I love these tires. SO predictable, sooo grippy, for the tread wear they last a long time ,you can drive them to the cords and they dont come apart or chunk. They have great smoke. I think Hankook has engineered a perfect drift tire.
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            we got some video today from a demo event i did and the smoke is pretty insane from my nexens. ill see if i can get a clip up and post it here soon


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              In this order this is what I run here in japan

              In the Rear


              Falken RT615s
              Spec Stars

              RE o1's I know they are discontinued for the most part...

              if you get a pair don't expect to much from them on the rear. They exploded on me within 20 min of drifting from the center out.

              on an upside.. I had pretty much zero under-steering up front.

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                Dunlop LM703

                Dunlop Le Mans LM703..... Horrible on the rear. these were brand new and broke apart inside of 8 minutes on the track. I will test them out and see how they do on the front. I will see how they do on the front this weekend.


                as I posted before, they did bad on the rear... but good on the front.. even with the low tread depth.. they were grippy even in the wet.

                Achilles ATR Sport

                I have only run these on the rear.. they are good. they take the heat well and just chunk apart in little pieces which is what we want. traction feels good with them as well.

                Federal SS595

                are very popular amongst drifters here in japan. They are very affordable and do great on the rear and good up front. I had no under steering issues with them on the front.


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                  Picked up some NS-2 Nankangs. They responds decently.

                  They wore very evenly for the most part down to the cords However I killed that whole stack in one day of practice... about a 3-4 hour session. They are very soft and wear fast with continuous drifting.

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