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Does this sound like a good beginning set up?

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  • Does this sound like a good beginning set up?

    Springs ( dunno what kind, Suggestions? ) , Strut bars, Sway bars & Better tires..Good for beginning? Anything to add? Also, Where can I find some KA (dohc) valve springs and rocker arm stopper??

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    the KA wont need valve springs or rocker arm stoppers unless you are pushing mad revs, or have huge cams.

    You need shocks with the springs, also you want t o get LSD and a bucket seat asap.


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      i would say the lsd is the most important upgrade. don't get vlsd, better save some $ and buy kaaz or other lsd. i'm saying this from experience. then suspension. i don't have the leather seats so for now without bucket seat is fine for me. but i would definetally like a smaller steering wheel. oh yeah u don't need engine upgrades since your just starting. my first upgrades were cold air intake, header and exhaust, but i regret it now, i should've used the money for other stuff like lsd, steering wheel, or sway bars, man there are so many things i want. at first i liked my exhaust and i still do but there loud and attract attantion too much, when u want to practice someone hears it and calls the cops, i've had tickets for drifting in parking lots. well i'm just sharing my experiences so poeple can learn from it. Drift On


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        how come nobody mentions camber kits? do any of you guys have em installed w/ crazy negative camber? jes wonderin' cuz for some reason, i'm findin it unpopular (D1 drivers, cars seen at my 1st drift event, etc...). the only reason why i got the idea that drifters have crazy camber was from GT3 and the 1st drift exhibition with komatsu in hawaii in grip video vol 2 where they showed that 86 with really negative camber. but now i'm begininng to think thats all wrong.


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          "demon camber" is more of a style than a functional thing. Camber is important, but when you lower your car, unless you have coilovers, usually you can still use your stock stuff to get the suspension within good specs. As a beginner, you probably won't play with camber setups anyways until you come to a point where suspension setup is a major part of your being able to drift very well.


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            Most good coilover kits have upper mounts in the front that allow you to adjust camber. Id spring for coilovers instead of the shocks and the springs. I mean, if your eventually going ot upgrade, get the good stuff now and save yourself some money.


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              and since your beggining save yourself the cash and get cheap tires, at least for a lil bit just to get the feel of things

              ide get springs,but not necisarily shocks, and then when you start learning and start gettin better, youll learn about the adjustments with the coilovers
              cause if you dont know how to adjust it you might end up with a worse setup than you originaly had.but ide definatly put coilovers on the "future" you never know, you might have spent your 1000+ on coil overs and then wreck your car and decide you dont like drifting anymore and be out of alot of cash
              just a suggestion though