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    Car is ez to strip down. I had the first carbon hood in the US and the first carbon trunk in the world for the SC...Thats about 100lbs right there. (trunk isnt really heavy tho)

    Stock seats weigh a ton..dump em.

    The car is a bit old to me now, but I do wanna put a 5spd on the 1uZ before I get rid of it.

    Yes it used to drift very well


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      could anyone verify if Alex P's statement is accurate, or just an exaggeration?(only about 75 sc300s with m/t) Not that im doubting it, just excited, my homie picked one up and got a great deal......


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        Not sure if they're that rare... Maybe, but thees not a huge demand on them yet.

        You shouldnt have a hard time finding them if you want one...they're everywhere


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          woo good to hear...maybe my boy was just unlucky.....after 2 years of searching, buying n selling cars, hes only found one, and he kept it himself


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            Reducing weight doesn't HAVE to be expensive:



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              There aren't too many out there. Only SC300s came with a manual transmission. I've been looking for about a year now and haven't found any in my area. If I do it's always a nasty color. There are quite a few in the east coast.


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                Not sure how many stateside 5speed there were, but in Japan the 5 speed soarers are rare and if you had a 5speed chances are it was a swap from 1jz 70 supra. Course you can buy the whole swap kit new from toyota for the 1jz for about $3500 too. Course I got lucky with mine cause it came with the 5 speed swap already done.

                The think you have to remember about Ueno's soarer is that his only weighs 1400kg(somewhere in that range) with all the titanium nuts and bolts replacing the steel ones and and all that carbon fiber too. Stock 1jz soarer weighs in at around 1800kg.

                The SC/soarer is not a beginners car by any means like Tsunami said the weight is an issue, but if you've been driving for a while upgrading from an ae86 (for example) is relatively easy to do. the car feels like ae86 on steroids with the extra power moves like a ae86 and with the longer wheelbase can hang it out much further and longer than ae86 mostly due to weight of the car. The car is not as hard to drift as people make it out to be, the added weight is an issue, but if you run a good line you can make things happen. Course having the twin turbo makes things lots of fun too.

                Driftgirl, can you give me some info on where you got your carbon trunk? I've searching for a carbon trunk in Japan and no one makes one that I have found yet.


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                  Jim! Howdy partner. I found an interesting fact the other day... JZX series cars actually weigh in a few kilos lighter than Soarers. Whoa.


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                    yeah pretty crazy isn't it... they use about the same spring rates too... 18k front and 12k-14k rear... pretty sick... thinks its that crazy 1JZ that adds all that weight

                    Think If I had it to do over again I'd get a JZX90 Cresta... so much more part available and much cheaper too, plus 4 doors are awesome too..


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                      Yeah... I am partial to the 110s, but shiiiiiit i couldn't afford those till i graduate and start getting paid at a design studio. Luckily by that time they will be the price of 100s now and I'll be in Australia where its legal to import JZX with 1JZ or i'll be working in Japan... And car designers get paid bank. (Well i consider it a lot becuase my life consistes of drifting and tuning, not buying fancy clothes and houses n So I want to grab a Verossa with BN Sports aero and bonnet, 18 inch TE37s, good coilovers, a new manifold and TD06 or something kinda big, decent boost, make around 400-450. MMmmm.

                      Hey, been meaning to ask you, how's it drifting touge with a big car. I see no problem on the street or track, but the tighter mountains.... any hints? A lot of power and no weight transfer? LOL.


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                        hey pg when u leave i want your car


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                          Carbon fiber goodies

                          I though you guys wouldl like to see this stuff

                          Carbon fiber hood/trunk/bumper
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                            Yeah I've seen this before... actually lost the link before...

                            thanks man, I'll look them up and see if they will ship to Japan and how crazy the shipping will be.

                            thanks again.


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                              Actually haven't taken her touge yet... just not into doing touge anymore... had enough runins with the police to last me a while. So I try to keep it on the track with minimal street "fun" but I would imagine up hill wouldn't be too bad but downhill is something for lighter cars.


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                                don't they make carbon fiber doors for like a few japanese cars like the sc, 240, fd, and the supra.

                                i know somebody makes the doors for the s13 and rx-7 but it costs about $900-1000

                                you guys are making me sell my car and get a sc. go ueno!