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3/20 Drift Competition TX

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  • 3/20 Drift Competition TX

    Houston Texas March 20, 2005 Daily Drifter and Tranist Show drift event @ Club Hush

    Hit the DailyDrifter site to register for the Transit show for the drifting portion of the event.

    Registration will close March 18th.

    We're going to place a cap on the amount of drivers.
    The cap is set at 20. IF we feel there's enough space for 10 more drivers we'll allow it. It all depends on how much space it really takes up. Don't hold you breath though because I'm not sure if I can see more than 20 running.

    As of now I think all prizes are going to be trophies but, I'm not even sure about that.

    ALL PRIZES ARE TO BE PAID BY TRANSIT. We're not responsible for the winnings. All we're doing is running the drift event'


    REGISTRAION @ - where events at with maps - people running the carshow.

    hope to see some yall there, also check our forums at in the dailydrifter section
    heres the thread


    all your lugnuts must be there, wheel bearings must = good, battery tiedown , basic stuff. make sure your car will pass tech. this event wont be incredibly bad on tires but bring id say at least 4+ if they have 50+ percent tread for the back plus some drift/drive homes. we might have a tire mounter but seriously, dont count on it, we will have a waterhose, but bring YOUR OWN TOOLS/ JACK/ TIRES / WHEELS/ HELMET.

    thanks! and see you there!

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    Ill be there competing and photo snappin... just look for the 240 coupe with pink interior and a big fat driftclubs sticker on the car


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      I will be there in my white FC, with the big 69 on the side