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Florida Drift Events May 27-28 In Auburndale!!! $25 !!

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  • Florida Drift Events May 27-28 In Auburndale!!! $25 !!

    Alright, so there has been so much rant and arguments on this board as to what is legit and what isn't, and how much drifting events cost to run, and who is making money, and what events are safe, and what events aren't safe.

    Let me tell you that by Enjuku Racing stepping in and moving forward by helping sanction the drifting part of the event that will be May 27 and 28, you will be satisfied with the drifting that goes on at the event.

    The final scheduling will be determined at the day, but generally the drifting will be the last thing to happen. It is going to start at 8pm on Friday (giving you ample time to get out to auburndale, 15 minutes from lakeland, but I4 during rushhour = death ) There will be no less than 4 hours of track time on each day. There is no noise restriction at night, so you can run all night if you want! Running at night also has a few benefits.
    1) cars will not overheat as easily
    2) you will not sunburn as easily
    3) you will not dehydrate as easily

    So lets go to this now

    Friday - Drifting starts at 8pm- Ends ?? Probably midnight- maybe 2-3am! (Depends how I feel / how tired I get etc)

    Saturday - Drifting starts at 4pm - Ends ?? Probably 8pm- maybe 9/10pm if you guys want to buy me dinner or something


    I am not concerned with the bike show/ mini race / car show / car stereo contest - all of that - i don't care - but it does lower the cost for drifting.

    What is the track going to be like?
    Well let me tell you first that it is VERY similar to Hialeah speedway. The banking, the length, the width is very similar. However the infield and figure 8 is much wider. I think the intermediate and advanced drivers will beable to link the whole thing quite easily. It seems to have alot of promise but there are still walls there that are quite dangerous.

    For the amateurs we will put up cones around the banking of the walls, but about 10 feet off them. IF YOU HIT THEM, YOU WILL BE WARNED - IF YOU HIT THEM AGAIN, YOU WILL BE DONE FOR THAT DAY/NIGHT'S DURATION. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE PEOPLE HIT THE WALL.

    Do not attempt to do the large turn if you are not experienced enough, and I MAY only allow people to drift the outside turns that I can personally (or my crew) can vouch for. I want to reduce the chance of safety as much as possible.

    There will be an approximatly 10 turn course set up dealing primarily with the infield. The course layout is below.

    I drew this up as quickly as i could to answer peoples questions. The track will start out with the white line, continue with the grey line, and finish with the dark grey line. this way you won't get too confused with just one color. Hopefully this worked, but i'm HORRIBLE with graphics, so please enjoy

    Basically you will start out at the starting area, accelerating not terribly quickly, because you're getting ready to enter the 2nd infield entrance, and turn in, and then back out, heading the way you came. This will be second gear stuff for almost everyone. You should be able to combo back out of the infield and go around the first banked turn. INEXPERIENCED DRIVERS ARE RECCOMENDED AGAINST THE BANKED TURN - and if we see you struggling too much with it, we will pull you - it's better to drive safetly around it and prepare to go back into the infield.

    As you as you make your way past the banked turn, you'll make the first turn back into the infield, and you'll do a circiular drift around the infield triangle. Try to stay as close to the triangle as possible to work on your line. There will be cones near the outside and near the wall that will alert you to how far you are from being stopped. Do not try to get close to the cones, that is not the object. Try to dip your front left tire just barely near the grass, work on perfecting your line. As you enter back in (this is where the grey line starts) you will make a quick right turn and then do a left, and you're going to do a pair of 90 degree turns to head back into the infield. This is where you origionally entered it. You'll do the right turn and go back out onto the oval to complete the other banked turn. AT THE END OF THE BANKED TURN YOU MUST STOP DRIFTING. Use this lap to drive, under control, not drifting, safely to the exit area. You can use this to cool off your car if it needs it and take one slow lap around the oval. This way your car is not sitting there overheating in place, get the air flow going to it. You can also wave to anybody in the grandstands if you want. Do not do any burnouts or anything after you have completed the course. Any misconduct after leaving the course means I take your wristband from you and you will not drive for the rest of the night.

    If you hit any of the outer wall cones - I will warn you - you will stop your run. and get back in line. If you hit any of the outer wall cones again - You will be done driving for the night. This is to ensure that you are able to drive your car home that night, because you cannot control it well enough to avoid the cones. Yes the orange blobs are cones .

    This course will cater to the more experienced drifter over the beginner. However we are in the works, and if this drift event is a success, here is what we have planned for the facility in a short level of upgrades.

    The first upgrade will be like this;

    It will make it easier to combo the infield, and make transitions off the infield

    If people continue to support and enjoy the track, we'll make it like this:

    How about this? Drifting skid pad, unlimited track selection, infinite replayability, and inexpensive ???

    There is very good possibility in all of this.
    I say you guys give it a shot, come on out for dirt cheap, we will be there mounting tires and giving pointers and what not, and we'll also do a demo or two each day.

    Please let me know what your thoughts/comments/questions are! I'll try to answer as much as possible.

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    that is a deal!!1


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      I agree man, nice track. Wish I could make it down there for that one but car won't be done. Great deal.


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        wow great deal for the floridas, good luck making this event happen matt!