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  • GT LIVE is BACK (2006)


    LOS ANGELES (Feb. 15) - GT LIVE, a weekend interactive motorsports festival celebrating modern GT sports car racing, ramps up in 2006 with its springtime debut in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Bridging the world of fast-action simulation games with the real-world snarl of high-powered GT sports cars, GT LIVE offers an action packed menu of exciting, hands-on fun for motorheads.

    GT LIVE runs May 12-13 at Phoenix International Raceway.


    Headlining this year's GT LIVE events is the GT Sim Race (GTSR) bringing your favorite GT driving sim game to life. Fans will be have the opportunity to qualify for rides around the legendary 1.5 mile PIR road course in two-seat versions some of the coolest and most revered GT cars in the sport. The field will include fan-favorites from Super GT (formerly JGTC), Super Taikyu, Time Attack and Grand Am. The field of GTSR cars will be piloted by professional drivers who will make sure fans get the ride of their life, with all of the sights, sounds, smells, sensations and excitement that makes professional GT racing a favorite theme of video game developers.

    Other GT LIVE attractions that had original GT LIVE-goers abuzz.

    - GT Time Attack
    - The XDL Stunt Team Featuring Freestyle Drifting and Stunting
    - The XDL Stunt Series (competition)
    - Circuit Drive Ride & Drive
    - GT Live AutoX
    - RC Car Pavillion and Demo
    - Go Kart Rides
    - Car & Bike Show
    - Music and Festival Stage
    - GT Live Backstage Pass
    - Vendor Area

    The Grand American Road Racing Series is the host for GT LIVE. One of the best kept secrets and fastest growing draws in the sports car world, Grand Am features awesome race cars battling in four different classes, from the exotic Daytona Prototypes powered by Porsche, Pontiac, Toyota and Ford engines to the high-tech GT Class cars which enjoys an enormous field of 400- to 450-horsepower Mazda, Pontiac, BMW, Porsche and Ferrari machines. The Grand Am Cup series (Grand Sport and Street Tuner classes) consists of cars that enthusiasts can readily identify with including sports cars from Mazda, Acura, Ford, Nissan and Lexus.

    Fan-friendly garage access will ensure GT LIVE fans will be able to get up close and personal with the Grand Am cars and drivers as well as all the cool GTSR, Time Attack and XDL cars and drivers visiting from Japan.


    The official web site of GT LIVE,, is scheduled to launch March 1, 2006.


    GT LIVE is a production of Paramax, a strategic research and consulting business founded in 1992 and specializing in the motorcycle and automotive industries. Paramax created the GT LIVE concept in 2002, and executed the hugely successful motorsports event in December 2004. In 2005 Paramax added an event division to its core business.

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    any events in Cali?


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      Hello, what happen to FONTANA Grand-Am runs there also,so no more JGTC,at least the event is back, I was so upset when it got cancled last year,reason being is that I invested alot of $$$$$ in building a PREP2 (grand-am)solara/GT300 class car ,to find out there was not going to be an event that really hurt.The event in 04 went well I thought thats why it was such a suprise on the cancelation in 05 .So I guess I better wipe the dust off that project and get it finished


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        dang it i would rather not know about it if its not in Cali!!! Ill just be wishing I lived in arizona that weekend!


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          sounds like its a grand am race with some Super GT cars thrown in, not a full race like last year.
          that doesnt sound worth it, and i think most people will feel that.

          if its a full race ill make the drive, caravan to phoenix!


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            Hello.Hatebobbarker,I agree ,thats why I dont see why not do it at fontana,at least you will probabally get more turn out from the "import/grip/drift tuner crowd".Cause thats who GT Live suposedly appeals to,cause come on now, how many mofo's that are so called import enthusiast even know who or what GRAND-AM is??? Correct me if I am wrong but in 04 GT LIVE there was more peeps that bought tickets for sun only(D1) or that showed up for the drift action ,than there was in the grand stands to watch the JGTC cars on US soil for the first time ever ,thats even if they knew what the JGTC was/is. So supposedly as per publication in Sports car magazine(SCCA) there will be 4-6 JGTC races here in the states HMMNMMM!!?????.So I will see whats up with booth space and depending on schedule/funds/logistics, I will see you there.PEACE Just my .02 fell free to chime in.


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              O YEA ,KALIBOY when you gonna roll out to my TUES night meets,that bimmer looks hot,hit me up dude,PEACE


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                i'd be very interested to hear more details on the JGTC / Super GT cars that actually ARE going to make it. That's what made the event special for me in 04! (the event was FUN because of D1, but SPECIAL because of the GT300 / GT500 race...)


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                  Well said UNITEDMASTER. I also thought the focus of GTLive was JGTC. Thatís why I went in 04. D1, XDL, FD were pluses. Iím guessing this Phoenix event will be to introduce the "import/grip/drift tuner crowd" to the Grand American Road Racing Series, which is cool I guess. I just hope that the other GTLive events scheduled for this year will focus more on the JGTC. Still it does say that there will be JGTC and Super Taikyu time Attacks Sweet! Plus most of the stuff they had back in dec.04. Sounds cool, ill try to make it. The Dec.04 event was awesome!!


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                    Originally posted by UNITEDMASTER
                    O YEA ,KALIBOY when you gonna roll out to my TUES night meets,that bimmer looks hot,hit me up dude,PEACE
                    Just waiting to get it back! then Ill be right there!