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Rock N' Drift - Rockford Speedway, Loves Park, IL 10/1/06

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  • Rock N' Drift - Rockford Speedway, Loves Park, IL 10/1/06

    Venue: Rockford Speedway, 9572 Forest Hills Rd., Loves Park, IL 61111
    Date: October 1st, 2006
    Cost: $50 if you register online at, $60 at the gate
    Maximum Drivers: 30

    Track Layout:

    Subject to Change

    7:30 AM - 9:00 AM - Registration Open
    9:00 AM - Drivers Meeting at center of track
    9:30 AM - 5:30 PM. Track open
    5:30 - 6:30 - Clean Up


    It is the responsibility of each participant to complete a "self tech".


    Removal of all loose contents in passenger compartment (including floor mats) and trunk.
    Brake pedal feels stiff
    Seat belts in good condition
    Nothing loose anywhere in the vehicle

    Throttle return spring (safe and positive)
    Battery tie down secure
    Brake fluid level above the minimum level
    No fluid leaks of any kind
    Fuel cap (and all fluid caps) tightly secured
    Spare tire (and assoc. tools) removed or double checked to be secure.

    Wheels and tires

    Tires in good condition (e.g. No steel belts or cords showing, excessive wear) Expect to switch tires every couple of hours or as the track tends to wear tires unevenly0 (outside wear > inside wear)

    At least 6 tires are required (2 spares). 8 Tires (4 spares) or more are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (this track will eat up tires). Drivers must have enough tread to get home.

    Tire pressure checked (min. 25psi. for street tires, if in doubt ask). Air pressure is availible on the premises.

    Wheel bearings in good condition, no excessive play

    Lug nuts torqued to spec
    -in addition the JohnAMS law applies:
    6. Those of you running spacers:
    A. Bolt-on spacers: Make sure they are properly torqued. Double check if you have to.
    B. Plate spacers: You'd better have extended studs. If you are running plate spacers, remove a lug nut so staff can check for an ample amount of thread contact. If you have plate spacers front and rear, remove a lug front and rear. I will have a torque wrench on hand in these cases. If there isn't enough thread, the spacer will be removed. If the wheel doesn't fit without it.... iunno, borrow some wheels.
    Car does not "pull" to one side

    Helmet, Misc.
    D.O.T. rated helmet (Snell SA or M80 for SCCA Competition) note: the club has no "loaner helmets".

    While it is your responbility to adhere to all of the tech guidelines, if any staff member notices a problem (leaking, breaking, smoking, etc.) they will direct you back to the paddocks IMMEDIATELY and you will not be allowed back on the track until it is fixed.

    Addtional Rules of Event:

    -Remember to clean up after yourself. Also, it is greatly appreciated if you can stay and help clean up after the event.

    -Rockford Speedway/Drift Temple will eject you from the premises immediately if
    any of the following occurs:
    -Trying to drive on the course without paying.
    -Burn outs or speeding in the pit area.
    -Rude conduct toward drivers and staff of Drift Day.
    -Rockford Speedway will prosecute and file charges to the full extent of the law
    for anyone caught stealing or vandalizing property.

    Addtional Notes:

    Novice Drivers are more than welcome to learn from some of our more advanced drivers. Novice course setup will be availible also if needed.

    If you don't know ASK! Our drivers are well known to be some of the most helpful whether its fixing something on your car, teaching you to drive better, or showing you the ropes.

    Trackside Tire Tech will be availible for your tire mounting needs also.
    $20 pre track mounts(pair)
    (pre track = before you hit the track)

    $30 post track mounts (after 9:00am, per pair)
    (post track = after you burn em up)

    $5 disposal

    all prices are per pair.

    PLEASE NOTE: Entrance to the track is through the Pit Entrance in the SE Corner of the track. Do not attempt to enter from the North into the spectator lot due to tall speed bumps

    From the West: Hwy 20 (bypass) East to Meridian Rd. North 8 miles to Latham Rd. East 8.1 miles to Rockford Speedway.

    From the South" I-39 North to Hwy 20 bypass/I-90 west (Madison). Then follow "From the East".

    From the East: I-90 West/North to Riverside Blvd. (Exit 66). West 1 mile to Perryville Rd. North 5 miles to Hwy 173. West mile to Rockford Speedway.

    From the North: I-90 South to Rockton Rd. West 1 mile to Hwy 251 South. South 6.6 miles to Hwy 173. East 1 mile to Rockford Speedway.

    Hope to see you there!
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