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1.27.2008 Mineral Wells, TX DRIFT EVENT

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  • 1.27.2008 Mineral Wells, TX DRIFT EVENT

    This is standard fare by now, pretty normal stuff. We will be hosting a drift event at Mineral Wells, TX airport on the 27 of January. Show up around 9:30, track normally goes hot right around 10. Drivers meeting will be just before 10. This will be a fun practice event where everyone is invited. Come learn how to drift in a safe legal environment, with like minded people. If you need to find out where and when any dates are, or how to find the airport, look at

    The fee is 40 dollars to drift all day. We have season passes that are $200 for 11 events this year as well, see the thread about here for instructions and descriptions . Yes, you read right, 200 bucks 11 events. That is stupid cheap.

    Please bring all your tires mounted up on spare wheels, ready to go. There is tire mounting at the Walmart about 2 miles away, and some smaller private stores a few miles past that. But that eats up alot of time in the day and you can find cheap spares for next to nothing, so use those. Make sure your oil is topped up and full, and your car is in good running order. Make sure your battery is tied down and secure, it can't move around.

    If you have any special requests like a gymkhana course, just ask, we can put something together if we have enough cones.

    We have instructors on hand to help you out, just ask.

    If you just want to autox the course and drive around, come on out. Your very welcome to as long as you pay the entry fee.

    Lastly, bring a helmet, they will be mandatory this year. YOU MUST BRING A HELMET!!!!

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    wow, thanks for posting this up. That's huge. 11 events this year. I just got out of the Navy and my drift car is OOC right now, but it's good to know there's some stuff going on in the area. I'll definately be involved a little later on in the year.