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OceanSide Pier/ Wangan Run

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  • OceanSide Pier/ Wangan Run

    i posted about this before in the wrong thread ( moderation....sorry mods) anyways.... In April ill be holding a day time meet at the OceanSide Pier which is right off the I5... Basically well meet there check out the cars,talk and chill, no drifting cus theres more cops over there then regular cars passing by... Then after that i was thinking of doing a Wangan Cruise up the I5 on the coast heading North passing the marine base or turning around at the Boobies( those 2 nuclear stations that look like boobs lolz)..then heading down south and do w/e you guys wanna do... [Wangan Cruise or a Run] im not promoting the run but im just telln you there will most likely be a run back down south if you know what i mean .....the day i make the meet if the weather is bad then ill cancel it cus i wanna have like a summer style sunny cruise... anyways i would like a sh**************t load of people to go...dont matter if ur cars a 240 or a geo metro....this is just to have fun and meet peeps... hmm i wonder if the AMTRACK train will be on the tracks doing our run up the coast cus its fun racing those damn trains going over 100 mph