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NORCAL: TD's Mustache-Style Fulltrack Drift!

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  • NORCAL: TD's Mustache-Style Fulltrack Drift!

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the drifting community. It is my privilege to announce to you ThunderDrift's next full-track drift day at Thunderhill Raceway!

    SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! November 15th

    If you're new to ThunderDrift, here are some details:

    Thunderhill Raceway is located at 5250 hwy 162 in Willows, CA. It's about 1.25hrs north of Sacramento, and about 2.5hrs from the SF bay area (obviously depending on exactly where). For those of you who will be coming from LA, Washington, Vegas, Utah, etc, it's right about 10hrs! not a bad drive for a world-class road course.

    The course is 3 miles long, and has 15 turns. It also features MAJOR elevation changes on several of it's corners including the signature turn "THE CYCLONE." Of the 15 turns, there are 3 REALLY linkable sections. turns 1-6, turns 10-13, and 14/15. Ask anyone who's been here, it's a super fun course.

    On-Site amenities include nice bathrooms, trackside dining facility, pro-shop with supplies and awesome track-gear, 91/100 unleaded and 110 leaded, Onsite Car & Motorcycle Dyno complete with world renowned fabricator/machinist/dyno guy, Wireless internet, and much more.

    3 Classes: Beginner Drift, Advanced Drift, and Grip

    Fees: $220 per driver, $200 per driver W/MUSTACHE, $15 Passengers, $10 Spectators

    Tech inspection information, Online Registration, and more info about the event can be found at

    Now for the fun stuff...

    There WILL be camping at the track on Saturday night. Gates will open to drifters at 5:00PM. ABSOLUTELY NO ENGINES STARTED AFTER 6:00PM, if you need to unload your car... there'll be plenty of friends around to push.

    This will be TD's MUSTACHE-STYLE fulltrack. If you have a mustache, you get $20 off your entry fee, thus making it $200 even. If you can't grow one, get a fake one! Here are some good examples of what we're looking for...

    There will be a prize for the best mustache of the day. Oh yes, there will be a prize. If you have anything but a mustache, you're DQ'd. No beards allowed.

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    Shirts will only be sold via pre-order, and will only be available for pickup at the track the day of the event. If you have a special circumstance... contact me privately.



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      Okay everyone! the big event is only 2 weeks away! Now's the time to start rushing to finish the car and get funds together... because this is an event you don't want to miss! Seriously, Thunderhill is really hot during the summer and really sloppy during the winter. This is the PERFECT interim time where it'll be nice and cool during the day, but still nice enough to have fun.

      As I've said before, we're planning some festivities the evening before the event, so show up around 7:00PM with any food/drinks you desire, and we'll get the party started! We may end up with multiple PS2's and multiple copies of D1GP... either way, we'll have at least one, so get ready to battle!

      The drifting on Sunday will ultimate. We've got some really great drivers showing up, so the possibilities of a giant tandem train are looking good. Remember, whether you're a pro-drifter, beginner, or even a gripper who just wants to come hang out, we've got a group for you!

      Sign up today! Pre-Registration closes on Wednesday November 11th so don't be late!

      Seriously folks, if there's any TD event you're going to make it to this year, THIS IS THE BIG ONE. come out, try thunderhill, help the norcal drift scene grow!


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        oh and I almost forgot!

        anyone coming up is also welcome to attend Drew's GRAND RE-OPENING of LAB17!

        BBQ, Music, Race Cars, Chicanery, everything fun.

        I'll be leaving drew's shop in hayward at about 4:30PM (in case anyone wants to caravan) and we'll expect people not to show up at the track before 7:00PM or so.

        Swing by if you can! Meet Drew! He's WHO YOU WANNA KNOW if you need stickers done, and lord knows we all do...


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          You weren't kidding about the mustache drift! Good luck!


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            come on down man! it's not too far, and you can caravan with the washington guys!


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              Sorry bud, we have our DMCC gala the same weekend, plus im still low on cash from Irwindale.

              I'll try to make it down at some point...keep me posted on events


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                low on cash from irwindale?

                who is this? did I see you down there?


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                  Its Kendrick from the Canadian Series. Short Asian dude with shaved head


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                    Oh Kendrick! hey man! it was nice to meet you there... I'm really looking forward to us all kicking *Censored**Censored**Censored* next year.

                    EDIT - wow... *Censored**Censored**Censored* is censored? come on now... what if I was talking about a donkey? is this a sesame street forum?

                    The event is only 5 days away! and TOMORROW NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, PRE REG WILL CLOSE!

                    if you're going to come out and enjoy this wonderful track, beautiful weather, excellent company, and more fun than you can imagine, now's the time to register!

                    I look forward to seeing you all at the track!

                    Gates open to drifters at 7:00PM on saturday evening and will close for the night at 12:00AM, then re-open at 7:00AM. Drivers meeting will be at 8:30AM SHARP, and track will go green at 9:00.

                    if you have any questions, please call! 530.559.2554


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                      Thanks to everyone who came to the event! it went great! we had over 50 drivers, and absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather. I think the turbo cars especially enjoyed the mild 60 degree sunshine.

                      HERE'S SOME LINKS TO MEDIA!

                      Event Report --->

                      Mike Tseng Photography --->




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                        Here is some video from the event.

                        Blu808 in car footage.