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2010 North American Nissan Convention June 3-6, 2010 Omaha, NE

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  • 2010 North American Nissan Convention June 3-6, 2010 Omaha, NE

    2010 North American Nissan Convention
    June 3-6, 2010
    Omaha, NE

    Welcome to the 1st annual North American Nissan Convention, hosted by the Nissan Infiniti Car Owners Club. Formerly known as both the National SE-R Convention as well as the National SR20 Convention, the NANC is taking over where the others left off. For the first time, we are proud to announce the launch of a convention that is the epitome of Nissan enthusiasm. Spanning 3 1/2 days, this gathering of Nissan enthusiasts will be the largest of its kind. Events such as road course lapping, drifting, drag racing, and rally-cross, combined with a car show, raffle prizes, BBQ, and awards, will make this an event that no Nissan enthusiast will want to miss.

    The idea of the NANC was formed on the foundation of the Sentra SE-R community. The Sentra SE-R was one of the first vehicles produced that spawned the sport compact tuning era. In 1991, Nissan launched this economy car with a surprise under the hood—a 2.0L I-4 engine that made 140 bhp. At the time, this rocketship was untouched by the competition. Because of the lack of aftermarket available for the vehicle, enthusiasts quickly grouped together to work with the aftermarket in the development of the car. After years of aftermarket R&D, and parts finally becoming available, a small yet loyal following emerged for the vehicle. This small and loyal following of enthusiasts began sharing their passion and subsequently started to host an annual convention, formed the SE-R Club of America, and grew the Sentra community. Because the Sentra SE-R was not marketed to the young teenage crowd like many current vehicles, the community and annual convention was formed of mostly mature, experienced adults. These experienced enthusiasts set the example of how to run a convention that very few other car communities could match.

    For 12 years, the Sentra SE-R community continued to host an annual convention. Moving from city to city around the country, a different host track every year kept the enthusiasm going. Unforunately, as years passed, the cars that the community was founded on were slowly disappearing. And so were its enthusiasts. After the convention suffered a near extinction in 2008, it was decided that in order to save the convention, the community had to be broadened. In 2009, NICO helped to spread the word of the convention and also helped in the planning. After a successful revival of the convention, NICO decided to take it a step further, and create an altogether new convention for all Nissan enthusiasts. The format of the conventions of the past has been excellent, so we are here to continue the tradition, but bring some new vehicles, new events, new people, and new locations to the tradition!

    We encourage you to read through the yearly history of the convention to understand what it is all about. We have many photo albums of conventions of the past, as well as many write-ups on the previous years. Take a look at the events we have put together for 2010, and register for what will be the most exciting weekend of your life!