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VegasProam Round 2 - Saturday Night 6/26/10 @ LVMS

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  • VegasProam Round 2 - Saturday Night 6/26/10 @ LVMS

    Drivers Register Here

    VegasProAm follows a Formula Drift style event format to help drivers get the feel of what will be expected from them at the next level of competition.

    2:30pm Gates Open
    2:30pm 3:30pm Tech Inspection
    3:30pm 3:45pm Mandatory Drivers Meeting
    3:45pm 4:00pm Course Walk Through
    4:00pm 7:50pm Open Practice
    8:00pm 9:15pm Qualifying
    9:30pm 9:45pm Qualification Results/Drivers Meeting
    10:00pm 11:30pm Top 8/16 Tandem Competition
    11:45pm 12:00pm Award Ceremony

    Group 1 - Tandem Drivers (have the ability to move in to Top 8/16)
    Group 2 - Non-Tandem Intermediate/Advanced Drivers (practice and qualification)

    Round 2 Event Prizes:
    * VegasProAm Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
    * Vegasdrift is awarding a Free Practice Session Voucher to 1st Place
    * Just Drift is awarding a Free Practice Session Vouche to 2nd place
    >>more to come<<

    Series Prizes: Series Champion will receive

    * A Formula Drift Pro License
    * 1 set of CP Pistons
    * 1 set of Carrillo Rods
    * 2 Belle 1 Communications Formula Drift Freq Programed Motorola UHF Radios

    Series 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place will receive

    * Invitations to the Formula Drift ProAm Nationals

    Click HERE for the Current Drivers List

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: is this a beginner event?
    A: NO. If you are a beginner Vegasdrift next practice event is Friday June 25th

    Q: Will there be on-site tire changing?
    A: Yes!

    Q: I do not have a cage or a race suite will i be able to participate?
    A: Yes - you will be able to practice in a "Non-Caged" Practice Run Group (no tandem) and have the opportunity to earn points from Qualifying, but you will not be able to move forward in the competition to the "Top 8" or "Top 16" You will have to pass a normal "Vegasdrift Practice Event Tech inspection" the tech sheet can be found Here

    Q: Will I be able to participate in Tandem with a bolt in cage?
    A: Yes - however if you earn your license or are awarded an invitation to ProAm Nationals your car has to meet all of the tech requirements in the Formula Drift ProAm

    Q: How many "racing/bucket" seats are required for Tandem?
    A: You will only need one "Bucket" Seat and one certified harness

    Q: Do i need a full fire suppression system?
    A: We require one 2lbs extinguisher mounted securely with a quick release, within an arms distance, while the driver is seated. Once again if you move on to Nationals your car must be fully compliant with the Formula Drift ProAm Rulebook.

    Q: Does my Battery need to be relocated to the Trunk, or inside the car?
    A: No. But for tandem we do require a cut off switch that will shut the car down.

    Q: Can I pick my own number?
    A: No, we will not be taking number requests. Participants will receive 1 free set of door plates. Additional Door plates will be $20.00 a set.

    Q: Are there ride alongs?
    A: There are NO ride alongs.

    For rules and regulations please visit