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(TODAY/TOMORROW) FORMULA DRIFT Long Beach - April 12-13, 2013

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  • (TODAY/TOMORROW) FORMULA DRIFT Long Beach - April 12-13, 2013

    (10 FREE TICKETS) FORMULA DRIFT Long Beach - April 12-13, 2013

    "GA in the GA grandstands on the other side of the bridge, but not at turn 11"

    Please tell us why you deserve a free ticket.
    Example; Why do you want to go? What are you looking forward to? What are you doing to help promote the event?

    Old Ticket Contest Thread for reference;

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    The contest just started!!!


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      10 years of Formula D starts here at the streets of Long Beach!

      I definitely want to go. The main reason why is the BRZ/FRS invasion.
      This is the proving year of how well the drivers are and how good the chassis is. Its going to be a shake down event so it should be interesting!

      Another thing I'm looking forward to seeing is Daigo Saito. As of right now I'm not sure what car he will bring.
      Hopefully he'll bring a different car like his IS250C!!

      One thing for sure about this year is it won't be predictable. I want to go for sure.


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          10 free tickets for 10 great kids!

          Ok here goes my first thread!
          I would LOVE to get 10 free tickets to take my son and his friends who are all drift fanatics to this event!! Each year I try to take as many of them as I can to different events all around but I can usually only afford to take a couple, this would be a great opportunity for all of them to go and cheer on their favorite drivers as a group! My son and his friends live and breath everything drift and work diligently trying to perfect there cars, learn everything they can and volunteer at every available opportunity just to be a part of the drift community.
          I try to support and promote their dreams and desires to break into this fantastic and exciting sport in anyway I can!! You should see my house, on any given day it looks like I own a dozen 240's because they'll all here working on their cars or helping with someone elses car.
          Thanks for the chance to post, win or not, it's great of you guys to offer this opportunity for some lucky winner!


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            43 days away


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              This is why I need the tickets ...
              Love drifting have 240 waiting to finish it .
              And planing to be a pro drifter ASAP
              Need to be at this event .. It the start
              Of my life ...wishes do come true...


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                Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a chance to enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in America right now well here goes my shot at it

                My name is Tim I'm currently enlisted in the national gaurd after doing all my training a few years back I came home to all of my close friends moving on starting families and kind of forgetting about me for the most part I came across a guy my age needing help with his Subaru so I helped him since he was friends with a girl I grew up with not knowin at the time that I would become so close with this guy I consider him family now but back to my story after helping him put a brand new turbo in his Subaru he asked me if I wanted to come over to his buddies garage and meet the guys so I accepted his offer and the next day I went over and meet 3 other guys that I also conider family now and this is where I learn what I know about drifting now I mean I walked into this garrage boy knowing anything about the sport and here I am now dropping every pay check into my fully build sr20det these guys showed me all about the ae86 corolla the mists and especially the nissan 240sx my pride and joy right now so I guess what I'm saying is if there was anyway I could get 4 tickets to surprise my new family I would be the happiest an most grateful man Alive but either way I love your guys products and I really enjoy the sr20det wiring DVD it's helped me diagnose 3 problems so far thank you


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                  I'm a girl whose loved drifting since 2003, starting with D1 and then Formula D. My husband and I attend events every year, and I truly enjoy them, I'm not the wife that he has to drag to events, I'm the one that reminds him of them! As loyal D1 fans for 10 years, I think we definitely deserve a couple of tix for the beginning of Season 10! We'll attend regardless, but it would be great if we could save the money from the tickets on some swag =). We are really looking forward to see Daigo and what he has in store for this season. The end of last season was a nail biter, I'm sure this one will be even more exciting.


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                    I think I deserve the tickets because I've been attending the formula d show every year at long beach and irwindale. And this year I've been hit with thousand of dollar for medical bills due to the fact my son was ill and sent to NICU @ the hospital which was the major cost of all my labor bill.. Me and my husband enjoy going every year, it would be nice if we are able to attend this year also. I help promote formulaD by reminding my friend and family about up coming show... Thanks.... :P


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                      10 years of Formula D !! Long Beach 2013

                      I have been following Formula Drift for the past 10 years in this series. I will make this short and simple - has great shirts for drifting and inspired me to create some of my own drift shirts.

                      I made one for Las Vegas and one for Irwindale. All of the drivers signed them and loved it, I will attach pics. I think should do a shirt for each round, exclusive shirts. I would love to help with the idea on each shirt and collaborate as a 10 year anniversary shirts.

                      Other reasons include Long beach is one of the best tracks on the circuit and I have missed the past 2 long beach rounds I always manage to bring someone new to experience the loud roaring sounds bounce of the city streets and buildings echoing out to the long beach peninsula. I get chills and goosebumps just thinking about it and if you don't you need to check your pulse !!

                      Please select me so I can show another friend the art of drifting and get them hooked !!

                      House of Drift - Irwindale 2013


                      Drift the Strip - Las Vegas 2013

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                        Thanks for the great opportunity!

                        I am here in the interest of obtaining a free FD ticket for Long Beach. I'm from VA and I've been following FD since 2004 and have showed my support by attending the NJ Wall event whenever possible. I have supported the WV Summit Point event as well a few years ago.

                        I know Jim, Ryan, and Andy see plenty of faces at every event, but I try to thank them for running the series whenever I come across them.

                        This year, I have a trip scheduled in LA (plane and hotel already set) on the Long Beach weekend and being able to show my non-car friends what a great event drifting on the streets of Long Beach is.


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                          20 Days Away!!


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                            13 Days Away!!


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                              Is the 10 ticket give away contest over? I'm flying from VA next week and must purchase the proper amount of tickets for my non-car friends if this contest is over.