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    Ok so heres how our night went from my view,

    I picked up "Thrill" about does that
    kid live i pick him up and we go back to my house to wait for my boy with his 97 240 with S15 front conversion.....he came over so we went to meet up with the "venus" cats...about 11:30 we got to the meet point and hooked up with another 97 240 with a R33 front conversion and a 180sx with SR20DET....after about 20min of talkin we drove to there secret location...we got there and was it a beautiful place...they had spotters and the road was soooo nice and wide..all four of our cars then started to get was a "U" type street so after the first right turn u hit another right turn then makea u-turn and go back,then u-turn and go back etc,etc,....we were there for a min..spun out, my friend with the S15 hit a barbwire fence in the last right turn and put a dent in his rear quarter pannel and tire went i feel im a bad influance on that guy, we all had close calls to the light poles and eachother..about 45 to an hr and man the tires were just losin traction...then the last run..the r33 240 went first...then i i hit the first left and about to hit the second left i spun out but had a good view of the 33 240 waiting for me to pass...then as i was lookin at the 33 240 i saw two white cars creeping behind him...."SHERIFF"...i called out and people didnt believe me..because according to the guy with the 180sx "man noooo cops come back here" but i think they were called on us by the first when i said cops they didnt believe me then i rolled up to thrill told him to get in and right as he got in the 33 240 rolled behind me as so did the 2 sheriff's..the sheriffs put on there lights but we all went... then as the sherrifs hit the sirens i was goin to pull over but out of no where this toyota 4 runner that was with us sped in front of us and the two sherrifs passed me and my friend with the S15 up to katch the 4 runner and block the street they passed me and my hommie we turned off our lights and put it in reverse and me and the S15 were GONE! we got the fuuuk out of there hoping the sheriff wasnt behind us and if they were sh it, we didnt shop for sh it....we went threw stop signs and then kame to the main street....some how we met up with the 180sx and went to the closest parkin lot...from the chase my clutch was soooo hot and wasnt catching so we had to pull over and let my kar cool down...we pulled into the most ghettoist place "CHURCHES CHICKEN"....hella people were drivin by yellin "Churches Chicken!" i didnt get it...later the R33 met up with us and told us that the cops pulled over the 4 runner and couldnt catch us so they just hasseled them cats....finally after my clutch cooled down we went to the street races kawz the night was still young...but when we got to the races cops came and pushed every one out....we went back to the r33 240's house and found out that the cops let the 4 runner go and told the guys in the 4 runner that they wanted us! they said "we want that primered car and the other car" what a discription! ahahahahah i had hella fun that night! and were goin do it again all u sacramento'ers who want to kome out with us next time please do! props to the guys i went out with last night...they know how to have fun!untill next time....ill have pics up soon and SlideRoadster "Thrill" should have a video clip up soon....PAYCE!