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JGTC Partners with D1 for December 19th

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  • JGTC Partners with D1 for December 19th

    JGTC Partners with D1 for the 19th of December

    D1 is proud to announce the partnership of the JGTC with the D1GP for one very unique and spectacular event on Dec. 19th. The previous D1, US vs. Japan event at Irwin Speedway is now being hosted at the California Speedway in Fontana.

    The event will still take place on the 19th of December of the second day of the GTlive festival which runs from the 18th to the 19th of December. D1 and the JGTC are proud to bring this unprecedented motor sport event to the United States. You will see the best of the best from both the us and Japan showcase what makes them the top dogs in this industry. D1 will also be holding its final D1 Driver Search and first US Championship one week prior to the event on December 11th. All competing drivers who have qualified in any D1 Driver Search will move on to the second half of the day on the 11th to compete in the first ever D1 US Championship thus allowing them to compete against the Japanese on the 19th.

    All sponsorship inquiries will be fulfilled by the GTlive association for the 19th event.

    D1 will still be on call to answer all questions and field all comments in regards to the 19th. D1 Staff will be on hand during the event to coordinate communications between interested press and participating drivers. All inquiries pertaining to this matter must be forwarded to the D1 Office one week prior to the event. All ticket sales for the 19th will also be handled through the GTlive association. This does not include the 11th event nor any future events beyond the 19th of December.

    We hope to see all of you there and are sure this event will definitely be one event to remember. Thank you so much for your support and we will see you One More Time!!!

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    Thats Crazy
    Definitely the best of both worlds for an event!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.

    Edit: Thanks for the Info


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      NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!! i have to go all the way out to fontana....but it will be interesting to see drifting at cali speedway..


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        YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! i had already been torn between which one i was gonna go to when i fly out there on the 18th THAT IS SWEET now i don't have to worry about missing anything.


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          According to the D1GP website, ticket sales are not happening.

          Does anyone have any further info on this?



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            kill 2 birds with one stone, I heard D1 tickets are suspended til early november and is going to be done through the JGTC GTlive site. I hope they keep the price for the weekend pass at 50 bucks and not jack it up cuz D1 is being combined


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              Hmm- I didn't see anything on the live site mentioning D1GP Japan Vs. USA.

              They did talk about a 4 car drift exhibition, but I was hoping for the real thing ala the first D1 (where Imamura crashed right in front of me on last race).


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                GT LIVE web site updated

                Okay, sorry for the delay in getting the D1GP stuff on the site. We were buried getting our media day together which finally happened last Monday. We made the official announcement of the D1GP partnership to the media in the press conference that morning.

                GT LIVE Media Fest rocked!!! Between the ride-alongs in the GT500 Nismo Skyline GT-R (#22 Motul car), the Team Taisan GT300 Viper (not the drift car but that was there too), the local GT cars, the RE Amemiya RX-7 and Cusco WRX plus team RS*R tearing it up with Pfeiffer and Dai at the wheel and Chris getting a few laps in with Utsumi's DRFT Silvia, everyone had a blast. I heard the GT-R was hitting 190MPH on the back straight of the interior road course! Man it sounded sweet!

                We also had an autocross with two Mazda RX-8s, a Nissan S-Tune 350Z and a Sentra SE-R Spec V. Karting Ventures set up a full on kart track so our guests could tear it up and race head to head. HPI brought a bunch of their JGTC bodied RC GT cars and set up a course so guests could take a stab at their RC car racing skills. It was tuner fan pardise. In December, GT LIVE will be a similar format on a grander scale. You're gonna' hate yourself if you miss it.

                BTW, if you want to see the GT-R in person, we will have it on display in our GT LIVE booth at the NHRA Sport Compact finals this Sunday in Pomona (along with the GT300 Daishin Silvia). Sorry, no hot laps ;-)

                Now, as for D1GP, the deal is complete. We are honored to host their event as the major Sunday attraction at GT LIVE. You can look forward to the JGTC ALL-STAR 200 on Saturday (the first time in the U.S. and the first ever night race in JGTC history!), D1 Grand Prix US vs. Japan drift exhibition on Sunday plus Formula D @ GT LIVE (now a 1 hr Saturday exhibition segment) plus 14-15 other attractions (I lost count). GT LIVE will undoubtedly be the most incredible grip and slip event ever! We are still adding and updating but check our web site for details or for info. on the D1 segment.


                Don't miss out!

                Suede Mr. Flash...out.


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                  have to come for this one. Sounds like a great time!


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                    Tons of the Chicago people will be heading out there, will be nice to get out of a Chicago winter for a few days.


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                      lucky bastards

                      omg i wish i could go!!! damn i wish i lived in cali..and im too young to drive there...dammit...oh man its gonna be so badass for those who are going....well have fun u guys who are going


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                          like lil john says "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!~!?!?!?"