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S15 Drift Kit HELP!

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  • S15 Drift Kit HELP!

    Hey guys

    Got a little bit of a problem here, im still in the middle of iraq and still i got car troubles! lol Anyway i left my car at my parents house for "safekeeping" and my mom ends up dropping half my front bumper off the edge of their driveway (which is about a 6 inch drop)... front bumper go crack Now, i figure hey... i may as well buy that whole kit, But i cant seem to find the complete drift kit anywhere. I mean not even the site where i bought the conversion from had it.

    Does anyone know where i can find the complete drift kit for a S14.5 ???

    Or does anyone have any websites with kits for a 14.5?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    i think has the kit ur looking for but not sure. hope it helps u out. btw nice s14.5 man


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      wow man that sux. anyway i dont know where you can buy the full kit. i do know where you can buy the conversion with the kit but im not sure how to JUST buy the front bumper. you might be able to call them up and tell them all you want is the front bumper. try or those are the only to i know of that sell the conversion with that perticular bumper. just try to see if u can buy just the bumper although it will prob be hard. sorry i couldnt help u out more.