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Editorial: Drifting at its worst

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  • Editorial: Drifting at its worst

    Drifting at its Worst?

    The most media-fed motor sport that revolves around the automotive community today is “drifting,” but the media itself is adulterating the original standards of a technique primarily used as a method of showing off. Most of the fans don’t quite agree with my statement, but those who drift themselves can see the degradation of this once underground activity. With the numerous events that crowd this once unpopular motor sport you begin to see the changes that the media has forced. These changes include burnout contests, car shows, use of women for marketing, and more. People believe that any publicity is good publicity, but not in a way that degrades women as well as adulterates the drifting itself. This opinion does not represent the opinion of the whole drift media, but Formula D is one of the most disgraceful representations of drifting out there. They do not focus mainly on the drifting itself but instead market products and degrade women while they are at it.
    Where drifting had begun is where it should’ve stayed. In the mountainous roads of Japan, one man perfected a technique that exploited his speed and shifting mistakes to recreate the type of tractionless slide often effective in rally racing. Eventually, the technique was ruled out to be very ineffective for road racing but spectacularly fun and branched out on its own to become more of a demonstration then racing. As drifting matures it is becoming more like street and import racing. Nissan’s 240sx has become the next Honda Civic, Toyota’s AE86 Corolla the next CRX and it is all happening at the hands of ricer kids who believe that their car is all muscle when all they have are body-kits. It is clear to see that the decline of drifting will not stop here. The vinyl on the cars will continuously pile up into more new, disgusting combinations and soon the anime “Initial-D” will be idolized as one of the greatest depictions of racing in a cartoon of all time, even thought of as a representation of all drifting itself.
    Eventually, drifting like all other things that have happened in the last few years drifting will fade away like a fad. The degradation of women will not only be the small wet t-shirt contests, the booty-hopping contests, or the bikini shows, but also will grow into a massive orgy of pornographic images, but also still not much of a difference from what we witness today. We will no longer judge the car based on its angle but by its appearance and there will be no measure of speed but rather a measure of the vinyl covering it. If drifting as a true motor sport is to continue growing, we must respect the roots of it and most importantly we must realize the damage we’re doing to it now. One day this sport will become obsolete, so we must protect it from the adulteration it is suffering at the hands of the media. Rid it of the all the sponsors, all of the advertisements, all of the adulterations that makes this once respected sporting event into a great amount of disgrace. We must decide now if drifting will enter the category of being a minor fad, or will it be a place to display legends controlling their cars.

    By: Loi Tran

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    TougeWarrior, who are you and why do you say that?


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      well the market is different in the US and japan....i mean i seen events like D1 in japan and it seems like a very family oriented thing. in the US however it's catered to the youth and w/ that come the booty shaking and car shows so what more can i say? if you don't like it then you can just leave the sport of drifting and find something else as a new hobby but thats the way things are. the fans are what bring in the cash and if that involves wet t-shirts then so be it....but think about this w/o events like formula d etc would you ever get to see any pros driving and seeing their techniques or marvel at their skills?

      my PERSONAL opinion is that all that booty shaking stuff should be left out of this whole thing..i don't see how girls in bikinis has anything to do w/ cars racing around a track but thats just me. also on a side note i've noticed A LOT more images of women in car mags (superstreet/import tuner)...half the time i hardly see images of the actual car and more of the model posing infront of's kinda sad..if i wanted to see images of girls w/ barely anything on i'd look at a maxim (tmi?) anyways thats just my 2 cents


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        GridRacetech, mind telling me why you said that? I'm just curious of user opinion/feedback.


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          "We must decide now if drifting will enter the category of being a minor fad, or will it be a place to display legends controlling their cars."

          We? Where does "we" fit into this if you are not part of the industry as a pro-driver, organizer or promoter?

          "One day this sport will become obsolete...."

          Isn't that a good thing for a person such as yourself?

          Just an observation....



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            well... bout time someone spoke up i must say

            i dont whole-heartedly agree with this statement... but i can relate to some of it!

            Australia as far as i know most probably picked up drifting before the US did... why has the US started later and progressed alot further? MONEY!

            I think even all americans can admit... America is a giant billboard... IMO its the most advertised and promoted country on this planet - and this country itself most probably does the most promo/advert work for every product under the sun...

            Drift came along and the big corporations thought that obviously it was popular due to InitialD and teens watching this series that portrays how a young boy can become a drift champion and his struggle doing so. So the corporations decided to invest some money and start promotions... thats how i see it anyway

            Im not saying at all that all the drivers and workshops arent enjoying what theyre doing - this is their passion... they are what makes the sport... its just unfortunate brand names have adopted this passion and turned it into a trend

            if anyone takes this into the wrong context or out of context completely i appologise for offending you - unfortunately the internet doesnt express emotions, tone of voice and feelings so you can only try and guess how people come across

            oh and btw - inregards to the booty shaking thing... sure we all know its nice to watch... but ive recently purchased the on the scene series - and the way some of those guys reacted on the dvds when the girls were around (giving 1minute speeches about how they like girls at the show) it really does bring the rest of us down to the level of "egotistical pigs"

            drifting is about cars that are built for a specific reason and to only be used for that reason - showoffs, soundoffs, bikini comps should all be left out of drifting - otherwise its going to be turned into another carshow for posers

            - adz
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              degrade women while they are at it.
              ya like this person has never beaten it to porn before.

              Drifting here is ,what it is- itd be like complaining the sky is blue. If you truely enjoy drifting good for you- keep doing it. If your just a "poser" well good for you too, feel free to hop on the next bandwagon when it comes along i couldnt care less what other people did (within reason, hurting others and what not) as long as i enjoy doing what i do.


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                You brought up some good points, but I dont necessarily agree with alot of the stuff you said.

                Regardless, drifting IS moving in a completely different direction than I would've liked, but that's not going to stop me from doing what I love to do. If you feel this way then I encourage you to do everything in your power to make it fit the ideal that you like. If you drift then you know there's nothing in the world that can mimic or replace that feeling, it's sad that right now it's being perpetuated as just another trend.


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                  but that's not going to stop me from doing what I love to do
                  Perfect words.


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                    one thing i will add though...

                    no matter how much it is advertised and turned into the new "in" trend... drifting wont disapear in a few years - wherever it starts, its here to stay... new zealand, america, canada, japan, england, australia... theres no way it will just fade to black...

                    - adz


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                      i thought we had already discuss this with piston2rotary(thread starter) about this b4 formula d started. DUDES, listen, they dont give rats @ss about waht we think, They dont give a rats @ss about you, they in it for the profit and thats that. why the hell would we care about them? if drifting events fade out, does it change us, NO YOU SONS OF BIATCHES~! do whatever you fckn feel like dammit. hold an event or whatever or race on the mountain roads. if i was the drift king, id say hell, i make money off of ppl whether they like it or not, the hell about them criticizing me or the sport. IN THE END, THEY GET RICH OR DIE TRYING -50 cent-


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                        Who said that my viewpoint was a direct representation of all drifters out there?


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                          I can agree that the marketing of drifting is a bit overdone, but as many have said before, you can't sell as many tickets with primer cars as you can with body kits and paintjobs. I too am going to do what I do, no matter what event happens, because I like driving. It can't really change that. However, the sideshows and girls do take away from the "sport". That's just dumb, but once again, if someone buys it, that's what they're gonna sell.
                          there is no easy answer.

                          (sidenote - Why is it that people feel the need to say negative things every time a person shares an opinion? Do any of you guys (just the negative stuff mind you) really care, because if not, why make a post? I hope you don't go around shouting at your tv or magazines when there's a show or article you aren't fond of. Yeah, it's an open forum, free speach, yadda yadda. Save it. )


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                            You know the drivers have the power so if you want to make a difference, practice, kick everyones assses, then make changes. simple as that.


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                              i agree, but on the other hand i dont. as people have said, yeah all the sexual crap should stay out of drifting (andy yen quote: "were car people, not show people") but on the other hand the popularity helps it grows to places where its not, i.e. middle east (israel, where i am), central europe (aka germany,switzerland, france, etc). So, if you want to keep your drifting "pure" go to drift days, even as a spectator. 5 bucks, watch drifting all day, talk to some pros, check out some cars, get tips from others, you cant beat it. as someone else said, ITS AMERICA, ITS GOING TO GET ADVERTISED TO DEATH!