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G Dimension's S13 for the 2005 season

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  • G Dimension's S13 for the 2005 season

    We would like to introduce our entry for the 2005 season. We are currently scheduled for Formula D and D1 USA. Hard Drive/WDC events are in negotiations and hopefully we can attend them as well.

    Let's start with a build up of the car.
    This is how the car started back in 5/2004. Stock SR with S15 turbo and suspension mods. It was also driven by Tarzan Yamada for the November issue of Super Street.

    Then the fun begins! We then stripped down the car, built a SCCA approved roll cage, and fully stitch weld the chassis.

    Next it was off to the body shop. We left it up to the guys at Kalis Auto Body to complete the body work and apply the candy red paint. They did a phenomenal job on prepping and painting. The typical wavy look of fiberglass pieces are no where to be found!

    Since we already prepped the engine, we just dropped it in after we got it back from the body shop.

    After a few more weeks of wiring, welding, wrapping, tuning and assembling after hours, the car is complete!

    Now to see how the car will perform! We then took it to Irwindale Speedway for the D1 Drivers search. Although it was the first time for our driver, David Shao, to driver this car, he was able to qualify for the D1 license that day.

    Thanks for the picture!

    Fortunately, we were also invited to run the Time attack at the GTLive! event. So after a few more stickers and we are off to California Speedway.

    Modification List:

    HKS 272/272 cams
    HKS valve Springs
    HKS adjustable cam sprockets
    HKS top feed fuel rail
    Greddy 1.2mm metal head gasket
    Greddy aluminum pulley kit
    Greddy high capacity oil pan
    Tomei Rocker arm stopper
    Blitz 800cc injectors
    Nismo Engine/Transmission mounts
    Wasabi Racing exhaust manifold
    Escort Racing intake manifold
    N15 Pulsar 70mm throttle body
    ACT Extreme pressure plate w/6-puck disc
    Toyota fuel pump
    Apex Power FC w/commander and D-Jetro
    Blitz Dual SBC Spec R

    XS Engineering Garrett GT30R
    XS Power IC GTR core
    Custom 3" piping
    Tial 44mm Wastegate

    Battle version full kit and alignment by Alex Pfeiffer
    HKS Hipermax D'
    G-Dimension subframe spacers
    G-Dimension solid steering shaft bushing
    JIC Tie rods w/KTS rod ends
    Kazz 2 way LSD
    GTO 5 lug hubs
    Brembo F40 brakes
    Carbing custom strut brace
    Project U rear pads
    G-dimension/Circuit Worx billet axles

    Custom roll cage with roof mounted tow hook
    Full chasis stitch weld

    M's Sports full body kit from Renova Auto
    Candy Red paint by Kalis Auto
    APR rear spoiler
    5Zigen FN01R


    Kumho ECSTA MX

    Painless switch panel
    Recaro SPG
    Blitz Nur Spec
    Koyo Radiator
    Optima Battery
    Sparco 5 point harness

    We are a full service shop specializing in meeting all your tuning needs. Please visit our website at G-Dimension
    or drop by our shop in City of Industry, CA and out staff would be more than pleased to answer your questions or show you our race car!

    We would also like to thank our sponsors:

    Kumho Tires
    Renova Auto/M's Sports
    Battle Version
    Blitz USA
    Escort Racing
    Kalis Auto Body
    Top Fuel USA

    See you guys at the events!
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    wow very nice, the color is awsome


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      wow, looks like u guys did a real good job of the s13. good luck this year with it. ^_^


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        Noice. Give'r hell!



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          Nice!!!!the rims with the huge lip are better though


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            that color is b-e-a-utaful. the car looks really good. good luck with that thang


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              dam that thing is awesome
              cant wait to see some action pics


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                video, video, video


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                  decent car, got any video of this shao character


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                    i just wanna say great job at all the past event you guys have entered and it was fun watching you back at Just Drift. Good luck next season.


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                      Here are some pics at Willow Springs hosted by Just Drift!.

                      Some tandem action from the same event. Pictures courtesy of Brendon Walker (, owner of S14 in pictures)

                      No good quality videos as of yet...will post once we get them!

                      Thanks NewGen86, we will always be at the Just Drift events, see you there!


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                        Originally posted by G-Dimension

                        Thanks NewGen86, we will always be at the Just Drift events, see you there!
                        Hahah yeah. I meant back at irwindale in the rain... But that was also a good event that you posted pics of. Ahaha but yeah see you next event.


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                          oh yeah! forgot about the rain event.

                          So that would make the driver search David's 2nd time driving it. First time driving it in the dry


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                            yeah!!! big boost lag style just like me!! 5000 rpms and up!


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                              Unfortunately no video, everytime I bring my camera I end up forgetting to take it out of the car and ask someone to record for me.

                              Benson, you need to tell Kaaz to build you a close ratio gear box When they do we'll be in line for one
                              So which car are you driving now? still with Kaaz or driving Sam's EX-S13?