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We need more race tracks

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  • We need more race tracks

    This is kind of a spinoff of that "Drifting in front of the cops" thread. Alot of people say it's dangerous to drift on the streets, and it is to some degree. Anywho, Japan has plenty of small road courses for a place not much different than the size of California. But here in the states there aren't very race tracks and usually they're not open to the public. Besides that, for some it would take them hours to drive to the nearest one. Parking lots are fine for drifting if you've rented it out or the cops aren't watching. Most of the public doesn't appreciate people like us using public roads for things that are illegal but they're not willing to do anything about it except call the cops.

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    well..ya could allways rent out parking lots like they do for auto x but use it for drifting...


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      I'm pretty sure they wont be too happy when there nice parking lot is coverd in black rubber...

      Theres atleast one road course in every state... it costs something like 70 for three laps..


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        How about
        In San Diego, they've had enough race related accidents so they opened up a part of Qualcomm Stadium for racers to Drag Race legally.

        It totally depends on the City. But I do agree without about lacking the amount of public race tracks out there.

        But what can we do. This is America, people sue eachother for enjoyment. If a kid gets killed in a race track who do you think the parents will sue? That's why its a risky business to open a track here in the US.


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          Yeah. That is true. But don't you have to sign a waiver before you can race on drag strips?


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            yep, ive singed waivers at all track and autox events.