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1st Gen RX7 worth keeping?

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  • 1st Gen RX7 worth keeping?

    I have a beeter old 1st Gen RX7 (actauly I have 2...) enough to make one decent car. one has a good body the othe r a rebiult 12A. I want soemthign I can drift and not really worry about. everytime the 510 goes sideways the thought of "oh boy...hope I dont; break it" goes through my head...

    so my question is. is the little RX worth trying to make into a drifter? I mean the 12A isnt; really what I would call a power house... and I know very little of wankle engines. I figured I could stiffen up the srpings. weld the diff, lower the bugger to stupid low ride hight (it will be for drift events only.) and soem crappy tires. or will I end up in the same boat as I em with my stock 510. Lack or torque and horse power make braking the back end out next to impossible!

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    That RX-7 wll be a much better car to drift than those 510's. 510's are awesome cars but they just don't have it in that depertment, plus the breaking of parts that are going to be hard to find adds up to keeping the 7 and running it. As long as you keep that Rotary up in the revs you will be able to drift just fine. They are light and fast and easy to come across parts for.

    I've owned numerous ones of both. 4 510's and 3-4 first gens. Can't remember. The 510's suspension setup is alot easier to nuke parts on then the 7.


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      Use the Rx that you want to drift,then keep the other as a parts car.


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        first gens fuccing rock keep that thing!


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          1st gen Rx-7s are sweet. I have one as a daily driver. Keep it. The 12A is a good engine.


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            Keep it!

            Keep the car and put a GSLE model rearend in it, and put the basic bolt ons like a Mazda Trix headers, and a Holley Carb., etc.
            My friend has one its not that fast but he is about to get a moster street port and it should move


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              i dunno much about how well the 1st gen rx7 would drift, btw i really like them tho... but i just wanted 2 say that im from vancity too! he he... hey u gonna (or have u already) join the vancouver drifter's society? the site is if u didnt already know...


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                I was going to join at the boundry bay battle. but I roasted a half shaft the night before and didnt; make it out.


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                  i used to drift my 1st gen 12a....but it was also flooded ....some advice for you....if u take car of it , it will take care of you...but sooner or later youll have problems...big problems


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                    in total the 2 cars cost me 250 CDN.... I really dont; care if it dies hehehe.I have WAY to many cars (currently own like.. 7?)

                    What kinda problems am I lookign at? I mean its never gonna be a show car...