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Wasabi from da great white north!

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  • Wasabi from da great white north!

    Hey all, just thought I would say hello as I just reg. with the site, looking good! Im from Toronto, CAN and the compact car/import scene up here is on fire. (All be it there is WAY to much 'rice' out there, but oh well, that's a given ). BUT we have our fare share of true car enthusiats up here So I assume this is THE place to be to get drifting into the we ALL know how awesome it is. (I just hope it doesn't get TO mainstream, etc...and still keeps that 'underground' persona to a degree ).

    Neways, as for me, I've got sumptin a little's an 87 Pontiac Fiero GT...wit a 3.8L turbo motor in it and YES I luv the surprised/dumbfounded look on the faces of "higher priced machines" out there when we "play". I've seen some of the rides here and they are friggin SWEET...I luv JDM rides as well as nicely done Euro rides as well, and OF COURSE good ol American muscle thing I have learned over the years is that EVERY car has its pluses and minuses (im 24 now, oi!)
    I used to have a Civic w/ ZC in it, etc....but wanted sumptin a bit different, looked at rx7, talon, 240sx, mr2 and impreza, but all so much $...and well, the Fiero proved to be a cheap alternative with ideal setup potential.....

    How far along is the drift scene in the US right now? Where are u all mainly from...Cali?

    There are a couple of guys here I know that wanna start a major club here in TO and they were down in Cali for that show...I hope to help them out with it, and I hope this will be a great place for info. (I'm not one who favours the car show scene at all's pure track, plain and simple.)

    See u guyz around.
    Oh, I also run a site that's undergoing some work now, (see sig.)pls. feel free to check it out and use it, its free!
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    Re: Wasabi from da great white north!

    Originally posted by Drift-Induced

    How far along is the drift scene in the US right now? Where are u all mainly from...Cali?
    were kinda going full throttle right now... looking at most peops locations.. i would say that most of us ARE from so cali... but its kool... we got peops from florida, hawaii, and everywere else... even kentucky!!! hehe, but yea, drifting is coming along faster than i expected... o yea, and welcome to -and- do u think you can get some pix of your fiero online?


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      Welcome welcom cool dude!


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        Yea most of us are from Cali considering the drift show that was over here...basically got all these people out of the woodwork. Dirfting its spreading like wild fire in the US hopefully the cops won't catch on, heh.


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          cool, good to hear. i know here in TO its JUST starting...but still mainly reserved to some groups of guys that rent tracks and such.
          mainly, most ppl are still doing 1/4 mile and circuit, as I do too, but its all good. Drift should catch on SOON!
          There is a new site that of which I hope soon to be helpin out...check it out!

          oh, and as fer fiero pics, sure man!

          I have new rims coming in a month...they are Black Racing Pro N1's...cant wait! gonna have new rubber too

          as for engine pics...well, I had sum, but they not on my comp. anymore but i assure u....there is a nice surprise under that trunk! 3.8L V6 turbo does quite nicely when I have to "play"


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            you should get a replica body off something else for it... like a ferarri...


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              haha, dont think i didnt look around for a kit
              but really, fot it to be good, u have to PAY for it....and i wanted to keep the original look, and do the WHOLE motor and suspension, like i did. so it worked out ok fer me
              but man, after having checked out lots of drifting info over da past month, im SO ready to buy a car JUST for drifting! hehe