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  • 4 door drift team

    I was watching a drift video a while ago and they had a 4 door drift team in japan but i'm not sure of the name of the group. I believe it was "nine walkers" or "night walkers" something alone the lines of that. one thing i also remember is that all of their cars where the same color red too. Can anyone help my find out what their name is and what cars they where driving?
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    It's night walkers, they are down with ueno i believe, and most of them drive chasers i believe, they are cool
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      I think its more of a VIP Drift Club, all of which are 4 door of course.


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        Whats "down with Ueno" mean? Ueno isnt a Night Walker. But, D1 driver Kuni Takahashi is!


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          Originally posted by driftersil80
          Whats "down with Ueno" mean? Ueno isnt a Night Walker. But, D1 driver Kuni Takahashi is!
          There is an article in Modified Mag. that associates Ueno with Night Walkers because of the region they are all from and the red GS400/Aristo? that Ueno has built.....also Ueno's interest in VIP builds (2 or 4 door)

          i.e. - 'down with' not member of....

          I think that's what he meant.


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            thanks for the help. yah they where in drift society vol. 1. I just found it today. Which issue of Modified Mag have that article in that associated Ueno with the night walkers?


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              One of the members is Ueno's cousin (the one who drives the Verossa). Most of them all run Vertex aero (good discount no doubt). 2 of them compete in BM Hai twin drift class under the name DEVILZ. The JZX110 Verossa and the JZX100 Chaser. Also, the Verossa and Takahashi compete in D1. Takahashi (probably b/c of his D1 ranking) doesn't compete in BM Hai series.