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2006 Drift Schedule?

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  • 2006 Drift Schedule?

    i was wondering where i can get a 2006 Drift scheldule accross the U.S. if anyone could help me out that would be great... thanks -Rich

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    Rumors have it, that some US comps(FormulaD) will say the event dates around November So, i guess you gotta wait
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      most local events are announced a month or two in advance, and the formula d schedule for next year isn't finalized yet ( at least i don't think so )

      just check local forums and for upcoming events.

      also, what caliber of events are you looking for, and are you driving or spectating.


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        2006 FD in Toronto, keepin finger's crossed!!!!!


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          ok thanks, becuase i have a guy that wants to sponcor my team but doesnt know what drifting is,so i want him to see it in real life to get the real picture of how it is done! thanks agian dudes


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            FD schedule is usually announced during SEMA in November.


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              expect the 8-stop 2006 schedule for FD to be finalized at SEMA.

              Drift Day will probably announce a tentative schedule then as well.

              there are many more competitions in 2005 to look forward to before the season is over!!

              DriftFest in Seattle in september
              D1 US vs Japan @ irwindale in December
              FD Finals at Sonoma @ irwindale end of August
              DG Trials @ Beaver Run in October
              Drift Day at least once a month through the end of the year
              Just Drift has several more events planned...


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                im interested in the D1GP US vs Japan...anymore info on that would be great! thanks