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    Originally posted by EverythingDrift
    909 = Area code in souther cali out in the boon docks.. Wasup JR..

    So if you live in "909" your punk rock and lame? sorry im from Maryland from the 410 and or 443 bizatch(is it a area code game?) i dont understand waht that guy was saying and was intrigued to learn....Thank!

    Whats up bro! see you soon
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      Originally posted by Topics II
      what are you guys talking about? there's not even drifting in the DA dvd. and its definetally not a documentary. all i have so far is rich spitting a bunch of beer on people and tony doing doughnuts around stuff.


      seriously if they don't let me start posting on this *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing web board i'im gonna go *Censored**Censored**Censored**Censored*ing nutz.

      Pete ys gotta come in and defend yourself.....

      PS..All I saw on the DVD was puking, cannonballs into a giant bouncy castle, someone throwing someone into a wall, CF smashing a case of beer on the ground..
      This is going to represent Drifting WAY better than TFATF!


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        Originally posted by j.r.
        So if you live in "909" your punk rock and lame? sorry im from Maryland from the 410 and or 443 (is it a area code game?) bizatch i dont understand waht that guy was saying and was intrigued to learn....Thank!

        Whats up bro! see you soon
        909 Is Inland Empire OC. That's where all the white boy OC meshhat wearing punks live.
        The kid talking crap is probably a wigger so who gives a f87k..

        Black shirts and wristbands unite!
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          long live this thread.

          pete is right, the DVD is only goin to show behind the scene shots. Like when tony fell 3 stories of a bridge into a car or Chris lite fireworks off in the gas station(bad idea) or when Jr drifted his hot rod across the 50 yard line!

          i think there is like 5 mins of actual real drifting.....

          well maybe theres more, u gotta find out for urself!


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            The big difference between this DVD and the other "Drift" DVDs is quite simple.
            The "other" DVD's are from "Production" companies who eek out a living filming other people.
            The DA DVD is a brand. Like a skate team video.
            They produced it themselves with "blood sweat and beers".
            Now like it or hate it, it is what it is, if it's too edgy for people than fine.
            If it sends the poseurs running for the door than good!
            Sponsors will love the exposure. Good or bad.

            The Teck guys pulled that off with "Mischief"
            That's why they took over the street racing world.
            In the start the whole industry shunned it...
            After 500K movies sold they are media rock stars.
            Now only about half the industry shunnes it basically but with partners like, MTV2,Viacom, Warner & Activision who gives a f*%K...
            The Teck guys never cared what the industry thought and still does not.
            The DA needs to be a little sensitive to the Industry, but also keep it’s true integrity.
            It's called going over the top, taking an element and riding it hard.
            Not just for money, but for pride, fun and just because you can.

            To get back on topic, the fast and the furious is a good example on the whole integrity of the import scene.
            Do you think a “Skate” major motion picture could have sparked Action Sports?
            No, because that culture has integrity and demands authenticity.
            I think TFAF thing is cool, it really helps with what I do for a living, and we can make fun of it all day long, but in truth it really helped the scene and it should help big drift business.
            Believe me, big drift business is coming, like it or not, and the DA will have something that proves they are real.
            That’s why this DVD is so important.


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              PS..JR's dad is really Uncle Rico


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                Originally posted by ///AMG
                PS..JR's dad is really Uncle Rico

                that was good


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                  I seriously cant wait for the DVD! With you guys comin to E-Town on the 8th, and the dvd, im surrounded with DA! Yo I was askin if you guys wanted some cookies for the demo? I can bring in a box if you guys want... im cheap lol. (Im serious about the cookies)