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HELP! wrong body kit!!

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  • HELP! wrong body kit!!

    Hey all. first time posting here but im pretty desperate...

    so i own a 1990 240sx...

    the things i have ordered from auto shop cannonball just arrived yesterday, and i checked them out. everything was exactly as i had ordered except for one thing. the front bumper!! gah!!!!

    The front bumper i originaly wanted was the C-west FRP front bumper. heres a pic:

    its the first pic on the top left hand. The body kit that was accidentaly ordered was a DRFT front bumper:

    Apparently , the front bumper i originaly wanted has been discontinued from what they say and is hard to find. there are many immitations made out of fibreflass out there, however i believe there are some original FRP Cwest front bumpers out there lingering in some auto shops.

    cannonball has offered to ammend the situation by ordering the original bumper that i long as i can find one. they have contacted Cwest japan and Cwest USA and they only make the discontinued bumpers on order (their shops are apparently very small)

    Ive searched the web and there are many shops in the US still advertising the front bumper for sale. perhaps they are blowing hot air, or maybe there are a few of these floating around.

    if anyone can please help me locate one in the USA or localy please e-mail me at or reply to this post! Im lovated in vancouver but if you can find this body kit ANYWHERE in the USA it will solve my problem 100%!

    thanks a trillion!

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    Did you contact Motorex?


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      Chas and SpeedAlliance might be able to help you.


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        Persionally if it was me I would keep that bumper. hehe

        uhhhhh chi chi


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          DRFT looks better IMO...i'd keep it..l the cwest looks ghey...


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            Seriously what are you thinking with the c-west bumper. That thing is rechid. Go with the drift bumper and I wont laugh at you


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              Keep the DRFT bumber, it looks much better than the C-West bumber.


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                keep drft front dopey


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                  Did you guys ever consider the fact that he wants the c-west bumper over the DRFT one? It's his god damn car let him do what he wants.


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                    i would of thoght that a company like c-west would of told you that the front bumper was out of perduction as soon as you ordered it.