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  • Drivers Liscense Question

    I could research it myself but I prefer to hear from you guys.

    I am 19 right now and my family and I are planning to go to Japan within 2 years for sure. I was thinking since I am over there that maybe I could drive my uncle's SUV or something. What do I have to do to get a temp liscense? Or it not possible/not worth the time? I most likely would only be there 2 weeks tops. Btw money most likely would not be an issue as my uncle is fairly wealthy (do any of you guys know of an IMAX theater on a hill/mountain? I think my uncle owns that. so I think at least. irrelevant anyways)

    oh and if possible, would I be able to rent a nice/decent rear drive car?

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    well...are you going on base or living off base and going for military or non military? if it was military...i would say go for would be easy as hell..drivers tests are available every tuesday...but non military off post...i heard thats a whole nother story...from the things my mom has told me...drivers have to be 18..and go through a lot of tests and if u were there for only 2 weeks...i would say thats too much trouble..the trains are nice..and the drunk express is ALWAYS a great site...up to you...what area are you going to? for better info..i would ask drift xtreme


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      i think i saw something about geting a international licence befor u go once ill try to find it.


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        I'd say try for the international license. I knew a british guy who had one. Very handy if you plan to drive in different countries (obviously!). However, if you want definitive answers on how to get one your best bet would probably be your DMV or license place.


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          I only have an international DL and thats all Ive used for 11 years. What you do is go to your local AAA and ask for one you dont need to take any tests but you need two pass port size photos which they can take there, and I think its 15 bucks now for the license. Its good for one year from time you get it and they hand it to you there on the spot. You must have a valid current US DL when you get it and you need booth on you when you drive here.


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            Neato. I think I'll have to go and do that myself.


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              thanks for the tips guys, I will call them first thing in the afternoon when I wake up.

              markeese180sx, If I can drive, it would be in a rural city about a few mins outside of tokyo.