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Falken DRIFT on TRACK (Drift Safety program)

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  • Falken DRIFT on TRACK (Drift Safety program)

    As drifting continues to grow in popularity across the US and a summer blockbuster movie based on drifting is just around the corner, Falken Tire is proud to launch its D.O.T. (Drift on Track) Drift Safety program in conjunction with CHP and LAPD. D.O.T. will run in tandem with law enforcement’s current programs encouraging safe driving and sober graduation messages.

    Falken's D.O.T. video presentation features team drivers Calvin Wan, Chris Forsberg, JR Gittin and Ryan Hampton trackside at both Formula D and D1 Grand Prix events giving a brief history of drifting. Most importantly, Falken’s professional team drivers will explain the sport’s evolution how drifting is best learned and improved in a safe and controlled environment.

    "Falken wanted to take a proactive stance to help educate young drifting enthusiasts and aid in voicing the importance of drifting safety" says Falken's Brand Manager Nick Fousekis. "We've been a leading supporter of drifting in the US since 2003 and truly believe it's our responsibility and the automotive aftermarket’s responsibility to help protect and educate current and future drifting fans." CHP’s Officer Leland Tang states “We’re very grateful for the partnership between local authorities and Falken Tire. This program will definitely save many young lives in Southern California and especially the canyons of San Fernando Valley area.”

    D.O.T. will be shown at select Southern California high schools throughout 2006 and will expand into a nationwide program by 2007. In addition to the video presentation, Falken team drivers and grassroots drifting event promoters including Moto Miwa and Naoki Kobayashi of Drift Association, and Charlie Ongsingco of Just Drift will attend select schools to answer drift related questions for junior and senior class students.

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    Good to see they are trying to promote drifting in a safe enviroment. I do find it funny however, that all of them started their careers on the street But that was also the beginnings of drifting in the US, same as japan where the early stages were done on the streets. Now there are tracks avaiable. Good luck with the operation.


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      no more tj slide squad


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        Good JOB to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mack Mckinney


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          WOW Thats great!



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            heh, this will filter out all those The Fast and The Furious nubcakes! Good Job!