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    what did you everyone think? what do you guys want to see for the next video?
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    I really liked it. It's a solid movie and nice to see the growth of the DA over the year. Very good editing and a different soundtrack that the norm techno pop. Very solid flick and definitly the best drft movie I have ever seen.
    It has a skate vibe to it and not the norm dork car guy vibe.


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      Everybody knows how I feel about the DVD.
      It's basically History in the making.

      DA has worked hard to brand themselves as the Rock and Roll drift group and entourage and the DVD just solidify's that they're doing everything possible to build the sport not just for themselves but expose drifting to an eager youthful crowd!!!

      To paraphrase:

      History in the Making.

      Keeping it core with some mainstream appeal

      Yeah DA and congrats let's start filming the next DVD, now!


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        ordered it yesterday, cant wait for it to come in ill probly watch it multiple time when i get and show all my friends(who dont know botu drifting) and tell them how awesome it is and make them watch it


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          Just Got It In The Mail!!!!!!!!!! And Once This Homework Is Watching It. And Im Watching After Class And Im Watching It After School Tomorrow And The Day After That And The Day After That And The Day After That


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            I got mine and watched it and my respect for all of them has even increased even more.

            Cant wait for Costa Rica Demos


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              Got mine in the mail yesterday... checked it out last night.

              Very cool. Definitely has a skater/wakeboard video feel to it.

              Nice job.


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                Final watched it and it is just what the title says. Top notch guys and I will purchase the sequal


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                  it was a solid movie but lacking in some areas.

                  - Thought there could have been more interviews and etc talking about drifting/other drivers in Forumla D & Japan/the cars they drive.

                  - More video of them at bars/parties/ and just bull shitting with anyone and everyone.


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                    More reviews needed.
                    I think the DA movie got on the top 10 of the DVD billboard charts.


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                      it was really cool to go to best buy and see a DVD that my (used to be local) friends made. Chris, Tony, JR, Great job on the DVD, but for the next offering, have more coverage of the Formula D events/D1 events from the drivers (you guys')perspective, like as they were happening. Like, interviews in between runs at the competitions so we can see what its like to compete and what is going through your heads and whatnot. Great DVD though, and I really liked the bonus materials, good work guys.
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                        The prob with showing the FD events is this.
                        They have there own DVD, so to make it unique Pete just showed the growth of the team and the stuff they do that no one knows or can see on G4.
                        Like Pikes Peak and Costa Rica.
                        Thatís the stuff I like, not the stuff everyone knows about already.
                        I donít care to see what other teams are doing when I watch a specific Drift team DVD, in fact the DA is the only team out there that can sustain a whole DVD and get a major deal.
                        Having them in Best Buy is killer, it ads legitimacy to the DA and also gets their sponsors major mainstream exposure.
                        They will be doing in-store apperances and they will have a strong retail presence in some national chains with the promotions being set up.
                        They also have there own mobile site going up in June.
                        Now this can sound like a sell-out, but really it's not.
                        Its growing motor-sports where the industry fails to have a presence.
                        (Major US retail/digital) and apparel will be next.
                        I am quit proud of the whole scenario.
                        edit, The corssover for the DA into the Action Sports genre will be natural too.
                        Here is our Warp Tour Guide full page ad.
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                          The best part is that drunk guy saying how he loves to karaoke love songs. and sometimes he crys when he sings them. then starts singing Enrique's "I can be your hero" while crouching on the flour.. *priceless*


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                            Originally posted by bstonedrift
                            The best part is that drunk guy saying how he loves to karaoke love songs. and sometimes he crys when he sings them. then starts singing Enrique's "I can be your hero" while crouching on the flour.. *priceless*
                            The pricless "moment" of the Drift movie..



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                              Thanks for all the feedback guys! this video is 100% us. We have heart and soul in this DVD and we were super proud to share it with the World. I appreciatte everyones comments suggestions and will listen and consider everything but the next video will definately also be 100% us. We are hoping to have some of the promotional things we will get involved with alow us to go to places we have never been and do events where they are lacked!


                              TEAM FALKEN