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1986 Mercedes 190 E

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  • 1986 Mercedes 190 E

    has any one ever seen the mercedes 190 E se this car is rwd 4 door and 5-speed i was wonderinf if any one had seen or heard of this car actuall drifting any tips?

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    Its in Gran Turismo 4, I suppose you could try drifting it in the game...

    Im pretty sure its a rare car and most likely nobody who has it wants to risk wrecking it.


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      i came upon one for onluy 3000 obo i am gonna offer it 2500 it has almost 200k miles it has the wide body kit i guess from factory it lookd pretty oem


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        nice, lil high on miles though. very sweet cars, I love mine on GT4


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          I think there is a guy on club4ag. Richard. That had one or has one and drifts it.


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            oem wide body kit......mkay

            i'd go for it.

            vip styley


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              there is a european only edition of the 190E it was a limited production with a body kit. There is a salesman here that has one of those cars. They are pretty bad A$$. You would probably have to do something to the motor to make it driftable though. The cars have tons of steering angle stock also.
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                I believe Richard, the tech guy at Drift Day SoCal has a 2.5-16.
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                  ^^ That's me.

                  Got one, drifts and drives fine even when it isn't in the best shape, could be GREAT with a few changes.

                  Regular 190E's often become crap baskets because people don't see them as a "real" mercedes and they get skimped pretty bad on mainenance. Aftermarket is pretty crap, in a lot of places "performance" means lowered, and that is about it. Most engine stuff is custom only and there is not a lot that can be done super easily right off the bat besides lightening the car.

                  Mine is a 2.3-16, LONG history made short. Mercedes wanted to get into rally. Cosworth designed a head to go on the 4 cyl block for the 190E. AMG did the aero. Getrag (before they made transmissions for every car) racing dog leg tranny. Then Audi came out and DOMINATED rally with AWD, w/o AWD Mercedes saw no point and dropped it as a rally project. So Mercedes went Touring racing and did very well. 2.3-16 came out here in 1986 and 1987. After that came the 2.5-16, 2.5-16 Evo I (Pretty limited) and 2.5-16 Evo II (Extremely limited, 500 - the ones the silver star used for racing). The Evo I and II have a wild body styling that I really like, I'll admit it looks kinda funky, but proven effective in the tunnel and on the track.

                  Don't get a "regular" 190E (2.3 and 2.6) and think you can turn it into a 2.3-16 or the later limiteds. The 2.3-16 has a modified chasis (more supports, deeper wheel wells), the Evo I and II even more so. Mine is down while I catch up on mainenance. Right now I have the motor out and it is in bits. Some funky things are the suspension, it is not a strut in spring combo, the strut and spring are in different spots front and rear, and the steering is not the typical rack and pinion like most cars of the era, it is a steering box.

                  Prices vary, I WAAAAAY underpaid for my car, got it for 5k. Most 2.3-16's in good a condition go for 8~10. Regular 190Es 2.3 (4 cyl) or 2.6 (6 cyl) can be had anywhere from <1000 to 3k~4k, any more and you are getting ripped. Be careful what you get because a car that has been skimped on maintenance will cost you more time and $$ than it is worth. There is even a 190D if you are into diesel, hahaha.

                  If you want to know anything else about the 190 or other Mercedes' let me know, I'm very well versed in these cars. I worked on them with a guy that has worked on them sense the 60's, learned a TON! You can get me at Oh yeah, don't be alarmed by high miles on an older Mercedes, mine has 228k and the only reason I've got it apart is because I'm doing a ton of preventative maintenance, in addition to some of the required maintenace I was going to do anyway (a timing chain rail broke, not all that big a job in itself).

                  Here is me in my car... there it is WAY stock and almost 20 years old. I can't wait to get it back together with the uber suspension and the shimmed LSD. (No, I am not missing a lug nut, the cap came off the lug nut so you can't see it.)

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                    hey man U may be able to help me. I just got a 88 mercedes 300E and I'm trying to find the little secrets and all like finding a lsd out of another merc and diy mods, any help would be appreciated