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(TODAY) NASCAR + DRIFTING (AUGUST 31) Mopar D1 All-star Duel

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    SpeeDrifter......I loving your positivity and enthusiasm on these forums (sarcasm)

    And I really cant wait to see this myself, im sure it will be sold out before I can even get a ticket T_T


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      I think this will be a positive thing for the sport of drifting, and like somebody already said maybe drifting will be more of a recognized/legitimate motorsport and not "street racing" and other bad names. But what I just thought of was that what happens if and when drifting becomes very big in the US,and only taking the best 16 is going to be rough when eventually 80 or more cars come out. Not to directly compare the two but there are 42 cars out there in a nextel cup race and if drifting is going to become huge alot of people are going to compete and its going to be hard to narrow a large group of drivers into only 16 32 anyone???It will make narrowing down that many drivers easier and itll bring another round of action to test the drivers and their cars. I know that you can say "well if your not good enough to break the top 16 then your sol" but its going to eventually get to a rediculous point where everyone is going to be good and run pretty much the same line and people are going to not qualify just because the judges didnt like them and not because there run wasnt as good as somebody elses or they already picked 16 drivers before they got to there name, But thats just hypothetical. Well thats my opinion, which seems to mean nothing around here...haha.
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        yeah I will be so happy if drifting jumps out of the street racing category...all my non drifting friends think im some crazy street racer o_o;


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          The NASCAR drivers will use cars provided by D1. Which drift cars is still to be determined, though Sam's Viper and Charger will both be used.

          They will compete in tandem runs. Judges will be determined by D1.

          NASCAR drivers will be trained in drift techniques by Shiftintogear, a driver training company. Chris Cook from the company will train the drivers.

          Chris Cook, co-owner along with Chris Evans of ShiftIntoGear, Inc., one of the world's premier personal training and coaching resources for established racing professionals, will be training the NASCAR drivers in drifting technique prior to the event.


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            I wanna drive UEO's 86.


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              NEXT MONTH; Aug. 31st


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                Originally posted by Al
                I wanna drive UEO's 86.

                I wanna drive your 86 gangsta.


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                    Reminder; This event is NEXT THURSDAY!


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                      i can't wait to check out this event. shake...and bake!


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                        Center Line, Mich. — Two racing worlds are about to collide, as some of the best professional drifters prepare to take on NASCAR’s brightest stars in the “Mopar D1 All-Star Duel presented by ShiftIntoGear.” The drifting exhibition is set for Thursday, August 31, at the “House of Drift,” Southern California’s Irwindale Speedway.

                        On one side: drifters such as Team Mopar’s Samuel Hubinette, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Rhys Millen, Tanner Foust, Yasuyuki Kazama and Ken Nomura. On the other: NASCAR Nextel Cup drivers Kasey Kahne, Matt Kenseth, Bill Elliott, Greg Biffle, Robby Gordon and Casey Mears. Foust and Kenseth are the latest drivers to join the historic lineup.

                        “It is absolutely an honor to be involved in the first meeting of NASCAR drivers and drifters on the same track,” said Gittin Jr. “I’m looking forward to meeting all the other drivers, competing, having a lot of fun and putting on a exciting show with them!

                        “The fact that this event is even possible shows how fast the sport of drifting is growing. It is only a matter of time before it becomes as large as NASCAR. It has everything spectators, especially Americans, love about motor sports: speed, smoke, the smell of fuel and rubber, screaming engines, amazing door-to-door action, body panels flying off and, most of all, a display of pure talent and car control by the drivers! You never know—some of the NASCAR drivers might find a new love August 31!”

                        The NASCAR drivers are prepared to get a crash course in Drifting 101. Driving instructor and professional racer Chris Cook, co-owner along with Pennsylvania businessman Chris Evans of ShiftIntoGear, Inc., will instruct the NASCAR drivers on drifting techniques next week at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C. ShiftIntoGear, Inc., based in Mooresville, N.C., is one of the world’s premier personal training and coaching resources for established racing professionals and young, up-and-coming development drivers.

                        The exhibition will feature three trophies (the NASCAR Drift Star, Drift All-Star, and Overall Event Winner), and will give attendees a lot of action. Eight drivers from each series will go head-to-head in tandem battles in the NASCAR vs. D1 Challenge, with the NASCAR stars competing in drift cars provided by D1. The drifters will also test their sideways skills against one another in the D1 All-Star match race, then go at it again with their Nextel Cup counterparts in a NASCAR vs. D1 tire-smoking competition. Fans will not want to miss the D1 All Eight tandem drift, which will showcase all eight D1 drivers drifting simultaneously in an insane full bank formation on the Irwindale track. Fans will also be able to take part in a brief autograph session with the drivers.

                        All proceeds from the event will benefit the Kasey Kahne Foundation, which raises and donates funds to charitable organizations that care for chronically ill children and their families. The Foundation is also committed to positive cultural changes, focusing on diversity awareness and providing at-risk youth ample opportunities for success.

                        The event Web site,, is also now online. The site has up-to-date information on purchasing tickets. Visitors can also find press releases on the event; check out driver information; and view action photos and videos at the site.

                        Gates for the event open at 4 p.m. on Thursday, August 31.


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                              HOLY CRAP!!!!

                              That is going to be nuts. I wonder how many cars that layout is going to thrash?

                              D1 should run this course at Irwindale all the time!


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                                i thought it was "8 vs. 8", but it looks like "7 vs. 9"