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  • DriftGirl?

    All this hype around you kinda pisses me off.

    Always talking about drift cars you have and stuff, but I never see any action shots what so ever. Closest thing to an action shot I've see is...well you get the point. I've see picture of the tires smoking but no countersteer. not trying to start much just like, where the hell does all this hype come from.

    NO picture?
    NO videos?

    Come on, prove me wrong please, aha.

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    dude, I hope you have a flame suit and a halon kit.


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      I knwo I'm gonna get falmmed I jsut wanna know what the whole deal is.


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        Originally posted by Chaos Fire
        All this hype around you kinda pisses me off.

        Always talking about drift cars you have and stuff, but I never see any action shots what so ever. Closest thing to an action shot I've see is...well you get the point. I've see picture of the tires smoking but no countersteer. not trying to start much just like, where the hell does all this hype come from.

        NO picture?
        NO videos?

        Come on, prove me wrong please, aha.

        She has a website man I think

        EDIT: it looks like she just changed it to a forum..but it used to be a regular HTML site with pictures and stuff..nevermind


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          MonkeySlide: the site is being rebuilt to add more pics, videos, resources n stuff. I try to work on it in my free time...but im the only one who designs sites, so its taking a lil while to find the time to get it done

          Chaos Fire: Im not really sure why its any of your business kid, but i'll bite....There are pictures n stuff of me driving @ events in the forums @ As a matter of fact, I just made a thread about the track day I just had the day before yesterday. I simply dont feel the need to to post everytime I build,buy or Drive sumthin'. Eventually SOMEONE will say sumthing, positive or negative... but they'll say sumthing.

          I own a company that Ive never really talked about. We build parts for other import companies, who put their name on it. I wont say what companies these are because a lot of insecure people arent ready to hear that.

          I build cars for myself, every piece of Carbon fiber is made by me, I do my own welding,custom fabrication and everything else to a car. I do more than a lot of people (male and female) on this site.

          I now build cars for other people and Im good at what I do. I dont think theres too many girls involved in the automotive world and 'other things' as much as me...maybe there is, but Im really too busy to search and find out....I dont think so tho. Maybe you have the free time to check and see who is? Maybe youre a better driver than me? Maybe you build tighter cars then me?

          Seriously, Dont get caught up in all that Initial D-tard crap: "Oh, I gotta prooooove this n that to someone". Just do what you do and good things will happen for you. I decided a long time ago not to fall into 'that' crowd. The people that dont do crap,dont have crap...but talk a lot of crap.

          Dont let that petty mentality hold you back. Or hang with people with that mentality because they arent about sh!t and dont want anyone else to have sh!t. They seem cool now, but wait till you break away and achieve sumthin....they'll do and say anything to hold you back....if they can

          Stop being so insecure at a young age, its gonna lead to a fawked up life. Hatin on me will do u no good. We have this 'crabs in the bucket mentality in the Import world. Everything is cool until one starts to climb....thats life in general, but its disturbing when you see it in people so young.

          I work hard and sum insecure people arent gonna like it. Thats life.

          you dont have to listen to me and I really dont care. I'll keep doin my thing and you keep doing yours...whatever that may be.

          Plus, I see your 'NAME' a lot on different forums....who are you? what do u do?..............never mind, I dont really care. I dont spend my time worrying about what other people are doing. Im too busy doin the things I love 2 do.

          I guess success can be measured in 2 ways: People that love u and people that go outta their way to hate on you.........Both motivate me to work harder and harder. I dont want to let either group down

          No flame suit required.

          About The site was built for other girls who are into Motorsports....of all kinds.
          I wanted to create a place where they can go and not have to worry about insecure lil boys, not be afraid to ask what sum would call 'stupid' questions. to share their views on the Import scene and not have to worry about cowards who hide behind screen names.

          I dont do it for the money (and have the bandwidth bills to proove it ) I do it because I love doing what I do. Everyone is welcome (Guys and Girls) but leave the hatin on the other forums. Everyone has their own opinions about 'stuff', but It's still a Drama-Free board because the members respect one another.

          I adopted the name 'DriftGirl' to promote the site and 2 get More Females involved in Automotive 'stuff'.

          I hope that this long *Censored**Censored**Censored* reply answered any/all questions.

          ================================================== ========

          EDIT: I just did a PM search on your name. Dude, youve hit me up like 4 or 5 times in the past! now all of a sudden you dont know a thing about me? uh, OK.
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            Hey EM, i sent over a friend to check out your site. She should have joined by now, guess I should nag her more

            Originally posted by DriftGirl

            ================================================== ========
            EDIT: I just did a PM search on your name. Dude, youve hit me up like 4 or 5 times in the past!
            that didn't sound


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              im on em's site as Nizmo...It a little slow but its just starting out so..

              and what does it matter if you havnt seen clips or pics...I remember the pic of her car drifting when her rim got f'ed up ahhh good times..And what hype is around her? She did a photo shoot, she drifts, and she was on a tv show....Ohh no shes now internationally know and she looks down on all of us street/weekend drifters
              Em keep doin your thing and having fun, we all have bills to pay, and just ignore the haters, I wouldnt even respond anymore if it was me. They will never understand because they have already made up their mind...about nothing..

              Edit: I think your like 15(maby 16) so when you grow up (I bet you already are like all 16 year olds )and move out on your own then you will understand that you gotta do what you gotta do to pay bills, have fun etc. and ignore people who will hate on you. I bet if your real nice then when you get older you could get a date with Em hahahahahhaah sorry I was JP
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                November 3, 1990


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                  Well here goes nothing..

                  Chaos Fire - Ever since i read that one magazine w/ her in it and the artical saying how she drifts this and that here and there and blah blah blah. I started to wondering wheres the pics and videos of her drifting? I mean ive seen some videos of the other girl drifters who say they drift and they are actually really good. I know for a fact that im not up to par w/ them. So i can see why you posted this but you really shouldnt have. Heres what i think - I dont think driftgirl ever said she was some superduper drifter whos better than anyone. The hype that you refer to is all the article and tv stuff that shes in which makes it seem that way. She could be really good at drifting or just like us someone just drifting for fun or even maybe she doesnt even drift but loves drifting. Either way she likes drifting and promotes it who cares if she doesnt post videos or pictures. Drifting was never about proving who better at it or who are the posers who say they do this or that it was always just about having fun w/ people who have the same intrests.

                  Driftgirl - I can see why your upset but you do realize that your name does say Driftgirl so people will continue to bug you about that. Also since you and drifting are pretty much now tied together by publicity and stuff. But the thing is the "kid" was just refering to you as a drifter not as a person. Nothing about what you do in real life nothing about your company. Theres no real reason to attack him about what he does in real life and how he lives it. I respect what you do for drifting and all the other things you do (work on your own cars.. etc.. ), but there will always be people who wonder if you really do drift. You can either constantly brush them off or just shut them up by posting anything. A quick pic of you on the skid pad or something. Its not like it would hurt you in anyway.

                  Really though everyone needs to lighten up.


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                    I think its been noted several times in different threads here that there are pictures n stuff posted im the Forums at

                    No one ever said I was sum GREAT Drifter. Not one magazine or article about me. It said that I do Drift. R'now Im a great Car builder and I WILL be a great Drifter very shortly. Im a track rat and go everytime theres a chance for me to drive.

                    I can hold my own

                    I WILL NOT post pictures all over the net every time somebody starts hating on what im doing or have done in sum forum. I feel like lindsey lohan or sumthin these days. I dont really have time to address rumors and haters. Im too busy building cars and Drifting.

                    GO TO MY SITE IF YOU CANT SLEEP AND NEED PICS OF ME DRIFTING. Theres even pics of me wrecking if thats what you want to see.

                    Its funny, you see one person post a negative comment and then another person will ask "Do you know her or talk to her"? and the answer will be NO.

                    There are plenty of pics on my site of me Drifting at the track and other 'places'. People who just wanna hate arent gonna go look at them, because they dont WANT to see them. They're there, and I just get better and better every time I go out.

                    may as well save your energy and focus it on sumthin themselves.

                    I will allways have a feature worthy car and I will always be at the track dialing in my skills....nothing anyone can do or say will stop that.

                    Im accessable still. I have a forum and email accounts for people to talk with me. I may get 200 emails everyday, but I try to answer them all. Theres no reason for a rumor to start about me, when you can just ask.

                    Now people can just look up this thread and find out allll about me. Or Email / PM if you wanna know sumthin'.


                    I looked again in my emails and noticed that this was the person who needed a new mouse or sumthing for his graphics computer....I offered to buy it for him. I guess his mom bought one first and I ended up stuck with sum pen/tablet thing I bought off Ebay for like 75 bucks...For a kid I had never met.

                    ...........I feel dirty
                    Last edited by DriftGirl; 06-17-2006, 06:04 PM.


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                      I hope that answered any questions anyone may have had.

                      I guess this is the double edge sword people warned me about.


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                        I dont get why people keep hating on Em. I've never seen her claim to be an awesome drifter. The bottom line is she likes the sport and she participates. Thats it, and if you ask me, thats all you need. If you really want to see pictures do some research on your own time and you'll find some (just like if you were looking for drifting pictures of anyone else).


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                          LMAO why would somebody email you asking for a mouse for their computer? Honestly you know you are low when you ask a famous person for a free mouse, let alone Em...why not ask Bill Gates?

                          p.s.-can I have a free car??? haha


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                            You know what I don't get about the users on DRIFTING.COM? The ability to judge a cover by it's book. I bet you that marketing experts categorize most of the so-called "internt drifters" on here as complete a holes who probably are a bunch of 16 year olds who hold onto drifting as the only way to identify themselves from the rest of the so-called posers of high school.

                            You know what? Get a grip of yourselves. 6.5 billion people on this planet, ANYTHING is possible such as incredibly hot girls that drift to rappers actually liking the sport of drifting because of it's dynamiticsm (yes i made up this word and yes it should be in webster).

                            Don't get me wrong, I've been on this board for a while, occasionally dropping by every now and then since 2004 and there are REAL drifters here who love to drift AND still have a life. For those "internet drifters," you guys are freaking losers who swear by Initial D. And for those people who enthusiastically support drifting also respect every other form of way to make the sport popular, respect other motorsports, and support anyone spending their valuable time and money into getting better at it.


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                              ^what he said or something like it.